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Legendary Inventor of the Boogie Board, Tom Morey…

…died Thursday Oct 14th at 86

The World and Morey celebrated 50 years of the Boogie Board…something that has given millions the world over a chance to ride a wave and get stoked.

The Laguna Beach native was living in Hawaii at the time when on July 7, 1971 the Boogie Board was born.

A few weeks ago, Hawaii  made an official proclamation -staking claim as the board’s birthplace, gave Morey official recognition as the “Father of Boogie Boarding” and declared July 9 the “Day of the Boogie.” They’re making plans for a monument not far from where Morey was living and first rode the boogie board near the surf break Honl’s at Wai’aha beach in Kona.

What’s now commonly called a bodyboard, is one of the most influential inventions to ever hit the ocean.

Mahalo Tom Morey!!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

image: San Clemente Times

For his story HERE

and Washington Post HERE


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