Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reece bare it all for ESPN Body Issue

Don’t worry or let your imagination get the best of you. It’s classy and good promotion for ESPN & an amazing couple. Hats (and more) off to Laird & Gabby.



Action sports power couple Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece were recently among the athletes posed nude for ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue. After the shoot, the pair sat down to talk about how they’ve managed to stay in such great shape as they’ve aged.

Reece, the 47-year-old former professional volleyball player, joked that more than anything else, her biggest fitness tip was avoiding chairs.

“Sitting in that short position, it’s not good for you,” Reece told ESPN. “And when you’re tall like me, you are even more vulnerable because your body gets tighter. So every chance I get, I sit on the floor or use a foam roller while watching TV. I even have a mini trampoline in my living room. My 7-year-old is on that more than everybody, but I’ll jump on the trampoline while watching TV.”

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