King Kamehameha ripped…Surfing truly is The Sport of Kings!


King Kamehameha himself was known for his surfing ability. You wouldn’t wanna drop in on this man.

With the end of the Hawaiian kapu (taboo) system in 1819, commoners were allowed to freely participate in the sport. The equipment was a bit unrefined but…

Today, a bronze statue of Duke welcomes visitors to Waikiki, where first-time surfers are still catching their first waves.

“The moniker ‘Sport of Kings‘ derives from the fact the Hawaiian kings made surfing their official sport.

Surfing is ‘peculiar’ because it can be practiced as a solo artist or in a group, and all you need is a coast and some waves.


Every year in the month of June, Hawaiʻi unites to celebrate King Kamehameha Day, a state holiday that honors King Kamehameha I — known as a fearless warrior, wise diplomat, and highly-respected leader.

The revered monarch, who is also called “Kamehameha the Great,” is credited with uniting the Hawaiian Islands into one royal kingdom in 1810, after years of near endless strife and conflict.

According to ancient Hawaiian lore, the king’s history was foretold when his birth, in 1753, was announced by the appearance of a comet as it streaked across the Hawaiian sky.

All throughout the islands, this special annual holiday is celebrated with beautiful traditions, including lei draping, parades, festivals and, of course, hula.

So well-known and beloved was King Kamehameha, that there are now a total of six statues paying tribute to his person, commemorating this fierce and awesome warrior king.

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