Elijah Hanneman (HAW) and Keala Tomoda-Bannert (HAW) dominated the Pro Junior competition today to earn their very first professional victories. Credit: © WSL / Chlala

Event/Rating:              HYSDO Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort, JQS 1,000
Holding Period:          October 13 – 19, 2018
Today’s Conditions:   6-8ft. faces, building NW swell, moderate NE trades

Haleiwa, Oahu/HAWAII — (Tuesday, October 16, 2018) – In the most dramatic World Surf League (WSL) Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Pro Junior event of the year and one of the first big swells of the North Shore season, Kauai’s Keala Tomoda-Bannert (HAW) and Maui’s Eli Hanneman (HAW)fought their way to victory at the HYSDO Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort. Simultaneously, Kauai’s Gabriela Bryan (HAW) and Oahu’s Barron Mamiya (HAW) earned the Regional Junior Champion title and a $1,000 Travel Award from event sponsor HYSDO (Hawaii Youth Surfing Development Organization).

It was an action-packed day of competition at the right-handed point break of Pool Bars, with high stakes and massive qualification implications on the line for Hawaii/Tahiti Nui’s top 18 and under athletes. The regional Pro Junior series began this past January four miles up the coast at the Sunset Pro Junior, then moved to Tahiti, Pipeline and finally culminated today at Turtle Bay Resort with Bryan and Mamiya earning the title and top spots into the World Junior Championship this December 1 – 9 in Taiwan.

 Bryan and Mamiya were gifted a $1,000 Travel Award by HYSDO Board Member, Joel Centeio.  Credit: © WSL / Chlala

Although the two scored the highest regional award for the Pro Junior series, they settled for runner-up finishes in the HYSDO Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort, as it was Tomoda-Bannert and Hanneman’s time to shine.

Hanneman had the highest single wave score and most clutch performance of the entire competition, a 9.0 in the dying 20 seconds of the Final to take the win from Mamiya. The heat was stacked as two more standouts, Wyatt McHale (HAW), 3rd place, and defending World Junior Champion Finn McGill (HAW), 4th place, heated up the competition and pushed the progression of the sport.

The 30-minute Final opened with a nice combination of turns from McHale, followed by one of Mamiya’s top-scoring rides, a 7.75 for a vertical snap and frontside blow-tail reverse that set the bar for the progressive heat. McGill worked his opening ride with power turns and pushed the degree of difficulty in the critical part of the wave for a 7.40, while Hanneman immediately followed up with a high-risk maneuver that the judges awarded a 6.90.

The Junior Men continued to trade waves while intensity built as they took to the air to demonstrate radical surfing and up the ante with each ride. Mamiya’s power surfing stood out against the other finalists and he seemed to have locked the win, however with seconds left on the clock, Hanneman boosted a massive air over a big section and the judges tallied 9’s across the board.

Hanneman earned an excellent 9.00 score after landing this air. The manuever saw him take the event win and best single wave score of the event.  Credit: © WSL / Chlala

“I’m super stoked to win, I didn’t feel too much pressure just because everyone was way older than me,” said Hanneman, 15. “I didn’t think there was going to be another opportunity because there was seconds left, and then a wave rolled under everyone and I picked it off and it had a big ramp on the inside. My only option was to go for an air and luckily I made it.”

With today’s victory, Hanneman will have the opportunity to compete in Taiwan for his second consecutive World Junior Championship. He also hit a year-long goal by winning today’s Pro Junior event, and for 2019 he plans to compete in more Qualifying Series (QS) events around the world alongside the regional circuit.

The Women’s Final was a battle royal between Tomoda-Bannert, Bryan, Luana Coelho Silva (HAW), 3rd place, and Leila Riccobuano (HAW), 4th place, since the four girls also held the top four positions on the regional rankings. The foursome fought individually for the event win, plus two coveted slots into the World Junior Championships; ultimately Tomoda-Bannert and Bryan earned the day’s highest accolades.

“I feel super stoked right now,” said Tomoda-Bannert. “Coming into this contest I knew I was ranked third and needed to get second to make it to the Championships. This has been a goal for as long as I can remember, winning a Pro Junior, and I’m super stoked to win it here.”

Tomoda-Bannert scored an 8.25 and 6.00 in the Women’s Final for powerful frontside attacks and well-timed surfing.  
Credit: © WSL / Chlala

Tomoda-Bannert has come close to finishing first multiple times, with a runner-up result in Tahiti and at Pipe this year, plus a final appearance at last year’s Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort. However today marks her inaugural WSL victory. “A win here definitely feels special because it’s the last of the season and the top four of us that were in the Finals today were rivaling for the Championship,” she added.

In the last Pro Junior event of his career, Mamiya’s runner-up finish saw him move up the ratings from fifth to first and successfully defend his 2017 Regional Pro Junior Champ status for back-to-back titles.

“Coming into this I didn’t think I would make number one, but I’m super stoked to make it, especially in my last year,” said Mamiya. “It would be great to represent Hawaii in Taiwan, the best juniors in the world go there so I’m psyched to be a part of that and get a chance to go.”

Although the regional Pro Junior series has wrapped, Hawaii’s surf season is just beginning with the HIC Pro Men’s QS 3,000 next on the WSL Hawaii/Tahiti Nui horizon (October 27 – November 9). Mamiya plans to concentrate his energy toward qualifying for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November 12 – December 20) through the local qualifier event that takes place at Sunset Beach. “The Pro Junior season is done here, and the ending of the QS is coming up in (Vans) Triple Crown, so really it’s all just starting,” Mamiya continued. “I have a chance to qualify so I’m just going to focus all my attention on that.”

For Bryan, the Regional Pro Junior Champion title was all but cinched up prior to today’s result after she took home a string of solid results in 2018; first place at the Sunset Pro Junior and runner-up at the Papara Pro Vahine Junior Tahiti. She also earned the Regional QS title this season with two additional wins at the Papara Pro Vahine Open Tahiti and Wahine Pipe Pro.

“I’m super stoked to win the regional title for the juniors and go to Taiwan for Worlds,” said Bryan. “I wanted to win both, (regional title and today’s event), but I’ve had a good year and I’m stoked for Keala and I’m just really happy to win the regional title, since that was my goal coming here.”

Caption: With the regional Pro Junior series under her belt, Bryan will look to defend her title in 2019 and compete in more QS events.
Credit: © WSL / Chlala

The HYSDO Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort is a World Surf League (WSL) Junior Qualifying Series 1,000 event and will close out the year’s highly competitive 18 and under surf circuit for the Hawaii/Tahiti Nui region. The event will determine a Men’s and Women’s event winner, a Men’s and Women’s Regional Junior Champion, and six regional slots into the World Junior Championship in Taiwan this December. The HYSDO Pro Junior at Turtle Bay Resort has a holding window from October 13 – 19 and initiates the start of the North Shore surf season on Oahu. 

All surfers from Hawaii unless otherwise noted

Men’s Final
1st – 
Eli Hanneman, 15.90
2nd – Barron Mamiya, 15.65
3rd – Wyatt McHale, 14.95
4th – Finn McGill, 11.05

Women’s Final
1st – 
Keala Tomoda-Bannert, 14.25
2nd – Gabriela Bryan, 13.25
3rd – Luana Coelho Silva, 9.50
4th – Leila Riccobuano, 8.40

Men’s Semifinal, 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd = 5th place, 4th = 7th place
Wyatt McHale, Barron Mamiya, Cole Alves, Kai Martin
SF2: Eli Hanneman, Finn McGill, Robert Grilho, Shion Crawford

Women’s Semifinal, 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd = 5th place, 4th = 7th place
Luana Coelho Silva, Gabriela Bryan, Savanna Stone, Aelan Vaast
SF2: Keala Tomoda-Bannert, Leila Riccobuano, Nora Liotta, Angelina Yossa

Men’s Quarterfinal, 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd = 9th place, 4th = 13th place
Wyatt McHale, Kai Martin, Ocean Macedo, Dylan Franzmann
H2: Barron Mamiya, Cole Alves, Cole Frye, Makana Franzmann
H3: Finn McGill, Eli Hanneman, Logan Bediamol, MaiKai Burdine
H4: Robert Grilho, Shion Crawford, Sage Tutterow, Eimeo Czermak

WSL Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Regional Junior Championship Qualifiers

Barron Mamiya (Oahu)
Finn McGill (Oahu)
Wyatt McHale (Oahu)
Eli Hanneman (Maui)

Gabriela Bryan (Kauai)
Keala Tomoda-Bannert (Kauai)

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