Jockos, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii 4/15/15

Published on Apr 15, 2015

“As the winter North Shore season starts to dwindle down to a few good swells, I’m super stoked to get some footage of Jockos firing on a nice 6-8ft (HAW) day in Hawaii. Enjoy!” Danno

Ps. The WNW cranked far above WW3 and Buoys to easy 12′ at Sunset and outside reefs off Pipe. Heavy, unreal, fantastic! Surf still had solid 10′ sets Thursday Am at Sunset which focused the long periods best. One reason for the under call was the 20-22 sec forerunners that maxed the immense refraction/shoaling.  20 sec periods can be felt 1000′ down! SNN.

Either way, pls enjoy some underground surf video from Danno. Sick!!!

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