The biggest XXL swell of the season at Jaws slammed the coastlines of Maui today.

The morning started off picture perfect with glassy clear skies and a few waves here and there, the waves were slow but they still had some size.


In the afternoon the new big swell started filling very quickly, within hours the energy of the ocean started to become very powerful.

As soon as the swell started to rise the weather started changing as well.

The conditions weren’t favorable when everyone showed up but the big wave surfing warriors went for it and charged some of the biggest waves we have seen yet this season at Jaws, Pe’ahi.

Here are some raw clips to enjoy with all of the action from the XXL Jaws biggest swell of the season session.

Stay tuned for more surfing action all season long from Pe’ahi and other spots on Maui.

Enjoy the action and Aloha Nui ! Paradise It ! Filmed & Edited by MROD MAUI © IG: https://www.instagram.com/mrod_maui/ SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE ! MAHALO NUI LOA FOR WATCHING THESE VIDEOS ! Email : mrodmaui@gmail.com

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