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Jack Johnson & The Cigarette Surfboard

Jack met The Ciggy Board Boys aka @thecigarettesurfboard at the International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego in 2018.

Jack had heard of the project but when they mentioned they were working on a few more boards, he didn’t hesitate to invite them out to Hawai’i… fast forward a year, and those words became a reality.

Cigarette butts are just one of the many examples of human trash that is clogging our oceans.

Thousands of Cigarette Butts picked up off the beaches of California have turned into a few functional Cigarette Surfboards. An awesome conversation with Jack highlights the role we play as surfers (and non-surfers) to be better stewards of the sea.

“It’s something from our past that kinda seems badass,” Jack says “But culture changes and hopefully this is just thought of as being super lame now. You see somebody do that and it’s the opposite of what it used to be in the films when it was in black and white and it was the cool character. Hopefully, that’s the villain now.”

Directed, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Ben Judkins and Taylor Lane (aka Ciggy Board Boys)

Music by Jack Johnson “Staple It Together”

Additional Footage by Connor Trimble, Dan Lorch, KTLA 5 News, Sean Evans, Swan Dive Media

Surfers (in order of appearance): Jack Johnson (Hawai’i) Tevita Gukilau (Fiji / Australia) Hannah Bennett (Fiji) Myles Robinson (California) Marissa Miller (Hawai’i) Cliff Kapono (Hawai’i) Carlos Muñoz (Costa Rica) John Rae (Fiji) Dustin Barca (Hawai’i) Easkey Britton (Ireland)

Special Thanks: Cal Poly Surfrider Club Coby Peterson Donna Ambrose Guy Okazaki Heal the Bay Kizzy O’Neal Kōkua Hawai’i Foundation Marko Foam Blanks Mrs. Honda’s Class Surfrider San Francisco Travis Reynolds Ward Coffey & everyone else who has helped along the way, infinite thanks! Copyright 2019 The Cigarette Surfboard


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