Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii During COVID-19
& the Story of Plastic
Earth Week is here, and while COVID-19 continues to affect every one of us, we realize the importance of continuing our mission to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines. Though we were sad to announce we will be postponing our April 26th Earth Festival and cleanup, the truth is that we have an opportunity to ground in the idea that Earth Day is Every Day.
In the days and months to come, we may not be able to host our signature large-scale cleanups (though we remain optimistic), but we can unite millions, if not billions, through continued online education programs, story-telling that brings light in dark times, and forums of discussion that expand future abilities to combat our biggest challenges. While some suggest it’s time to binge on Netflix, we offer another alternative – for those who remain healthy, but distanced, let’s work together on strategizing pathways towards a more resilient future. Let’s put our extra time into reflection that leads to solutions. Our team is hard at work improving our systems and learning more ways to bring meaningful content to our global audiences. Mahalo to everyone who is taking the utmost precautions to protect the health and well-being of our global community.
With aloha,
Rafael Bergstrom
Executive Director
Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

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