Ian Walsh’s winter collection is as good as it gets

Frame grabs of Ian’s Epic Ride

“I just have a sense of calm, like this is where I’m supposed to be…there’s nowhere else in the world I’d wanna be than being a part of this session…Watching it unfold, feeling it unfold…”Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh (37) might just be the most consummate professional big wave surfer in the world.

Not only is he committed to hunting every major swell event in the Pacific, he is obsessed with being the most prepared, motivated and switched-on surfer in the lineup, bar none.

From Jaws to Mavericks and beyond, the dedication Walsh shows to his craft is without compare.

He’s fit and he’s focussed, he comes with a crew that includes his brothers DK and Shaun, who ensure that he can push the limits as far and as safely as possible, and he works closely with his shaper, Keith Teboul, who also makes Kai Lenny’s boards, to ensure that his equipment his dialed in with Formula 1 precision.

Don’t just take our word for it though, press play to enjoy My Last Two Winters, a deep dive into the wonderful world of all things Ian Walsh, who alongside Lenny is spearheading the Maui push at a level befitting the island that’s home to Jaws.


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