Ian Walsh highlights summer strike mission to Indo

RedBull cuts the bull and shows two minutes of hard surfing 

Surf News Network, 11 October, 2014 : Ian Walsh grew up on Maui and spent his teen years striking his fins into big Jaws. So it doesn’t come as any kinda surprise that every southern-hemi winter, when the various North Shores of Hawaii go flat, he chases those big south swells that come up past South Africa, jam right and hit the reefs of Indonesia. In this concise compendium, you’ll get a few smallish-wave jams (small, being six-foot in Ian’s parlance) but mostly it’s dropping into folding bombs before dragging rail out there on the face. There are no airs of any kind, no static scenics, no earnest shots of the surfer staring wistfully into outer space. What you’ll get here, and we know you’ll like, is two minutes of the pure, hard surfing. click it.

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