“I Just Want to Get Better”

Anyone on the WCT might feel a twinge of nerves hearing this from John John Florence….the World Best and Most Popular Surfer on planet earth. As if he wasn’t good enough before…But that’s what makes the great, GREAT. 2018 will be just that, thanks to the unprecedented roster of talent lined up targeting the World champ. SNN

WSL: 2017 was another landmark year for John John Florence. The 25-year-old from Oahu captured his second-straight World Title in December, marking the official start of his dynasty. Florence survived a fierce challenge from his most determined rival, 2014 World Champion Gabriel Medina, who’s reached national hero status in Brazil. These two celebrated stars have captured the hearts and minds of pro surfing fans across the world, and are poised to steer the sport’s direction for years to come.

In the aftermath of this year’s battle, Florence opened up about his 2017 journey and the keys to his success. Modifications to his equipment and his approach were both a big part of it, not to mention the inspiration of his rival. But beneath it, all is an unquenchable thirst to get better. “I think it’ll be really fun in the next couple of years to push the level of surfing,” Florence said. “I just want to get better. I want to be that guy that you go in a heat with that just seems unstoppable.”

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