“I had the heaviest beatings of my life this week..”

…and when Nic Von Rupp (Von Roth) says it…it means HEAVYx10  SNN

Jun 7, 2022

May 25th, 2022, marks the opening session of the season for Teahupoo with some crazy rides from Surfers from all over the world pushing the limits.

When you are pushing the limits, you succeed in some wave and fail in other.

Failing in such heavy wave as Teahupoo create astonishing wipe outs, which for the surfer are dangerous and painful, yet for the audience extremely entertaining.

In this video we bring you the best wipe outs of the May 25th swell.

Enjoy Thank you to all the Filmers that collaborated in this edit.

Chris Bryant shooting 100fps with Phantom

Andrew Keineder

Tim Pruvost

Manea Fabisch

Mendo Dornellas

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