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How To Surf Small Waves | And Why You Should Do It More!

This Aussie has some good concepts in many areas of surfing. Here’s one of the foundational courses.

“How to surf small waves really well.

It’s a difficult area of surfing because many people don’t want to do it, however, I think that it’s imperative for your surfing progression.”

If we look at surfers such as Kelly Slater, Filipe Toledo & Julian Wilson, we find that they all grew up in small waves and yet are some of the best surfers on the plant (even in big waves!).

Of course, there are surfers who come from Hawaii or Portugal where solid waves are the norm rather than the exception, but this small-wave originating surfer phenomenon is impossible to ignore.

In this video, I chat about some important factors which will help you to surf better in small waves and also recognize how great surfers apply these techniques”.

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