How To Do a Proper Pre-Surf Warm Up

This guy is good. “3-dimensional movement..” is what surfing requires. Thus, Warming up before paddling out can help with flexibility and loosening up those muscles with some unique exercises.

Here Chris Mills, aka “Surf Strength Coach” takes you through a pre-session run down to help you move better in the water.

3-5 Reps per Drill

  1. Spine: Cat-Cow: SLOW
  2. Scapular Circles: Shoulders
  3. Spine and Thoracic Rotation
  4. Hip Shin box (levels 1-3)
  5. Full Body: Downward Dog
  6. Full Body Spiderman
  7. Shoulder Screw: Upper Body
  8. Warrior Lunges
  9. Wide Leg Founders
  10. Hope into the water Fresh

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