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How long have we not been able to keep our eyes off Jordy’s Surfing?

Well, he qualified back in 2007…so that’s at least 15 years…lucky us. And at 34 young, we should be able to keep watching…SNN

SILVER LININGS starring Jordy Smith | Episode 7 | O’Neill

“Portugal is one of my favorite places to visit” – Jordy Smith.

In episode 7, Jordy scores a couple free surf sessions between competition days and shows why he loves coming back to Portugal’s open coastlines and abundant surf breaks.

‘Silver Linings’ is a series starring Jordy Smith.

The episodic journey covers the incredible highs and devastating lows Jordy experienced in his life over the past 18 months.

From entering fatherhood to scoring the best waves he’s seen at home, to facing a near career-ending injury forcing him to pull out of the Olympics, this series documents the rollercoaster ride Jordy has been on and the ‘Silver Linings’ that he encounters within his journey.

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