Cholos 728×90 Generic


We had to re-  share…it’s so good.

Note: several of these frame grabs start around 8:45

You don’t see launches very often…esp. like this.

There’s someone hiding in there…and coming out. NUTS moment (~9:15).

Many don’t know how heavy Honolua gets…but take one look at that inside lip…Seth easily navigates.

Seth always gets himself into critical positions

Life’s Better in Boardshorts, Chapter 14: Plan B | Billabong

When things don’t go as planned, you turn to Plan B.

Every winter, the professional surfing world gravitates to the North Shore of Oahu in anticipation of the powerful Pacific waking from its slumber to compete – but 2021 had different plans. Contests were cancelled, and travel became complicated: this was our Plan B.

This is Life’s Better in Boardshorts, Chapter 14: Plan B.

Starring Griffin Colapinto, Seth Moniz and Ethan Ewing.

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