He Was Headed Face First, Straight Into the Reef | Huge Wipeout During the SUP Backdoor Shootout

The Stand Up Paddle Heats of the Backdoor Shootout saw some amazing surfing, and all the contestants were charging.

On one of the bigger waves of the morning, Eddie Garcia went for it but got hung up in the lip.

In a split second he was forced to jump off his board from the top of the wave.

Ideally you would want to land feet first and pencil dive through the bottom.

However Eddie was put in a very awkward position where he tried to jump forward and ended up going head first for the bottom of the wave.

After coming up, he was taken in by the jetski and was able to walk up the beach on his own. Always a good sign.

We hope Eddie is okay and the wipeout was one that looked like it could’ve been worse than it was.

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