Oahu’s Kai Sallas & Stacia Ahina victorious in Waikiki, now heading to the Jeep World Longboard Championship in China later this year. Image Courtesy: Freesurf


Location:    Kuhio Beach, Waikiki
Dates & Rating August 23 through August 27, 2015
Men’s & Women’s LQS1,000
Surf News Network:  (Thursday, August 27, 2015): Oahu’s Kai Sallas & Stacia Ahina have won the Duke’s Waikiki Kane & Wahine Longboard Pro at Queens in Waikiki to solidify their place in the Jeep World Longboard Championship in China later this year. This WSL-sanctioned LT1,000 event was held as part of the annual Duke’s OceanFest celebrations in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern day surfing.Sallas took out the 4-man final in 2-3 foot waves ahead of fellow Hawaiians Nelson Ahina III, Duane DeSoto and Maui Zack Meyers, respectively. Ahina clinched the women’s division on Monday before competition was halted due to heavy storm impacts associated with Tropical Storm Kilo. She defeated Honolua Blomfield (HAW), Sierra Lerback (USA), and Ashley Ahina (HAW).

Sallas, DeSoto and 5th place winner Ned Snow had already qualified for China, whereas Meyers and Ahina officially qualified with today’s results. The Hawaii women’s team headed to China consists of Stacia Ahina (Nelson’s sister), and pre-qualified surfers Kelia Moniz, Crystal Dzigas, and Geodee Clark.

Light onshore winds and a south swell provided contestable waves for the competitors today with mostly clear weather, despite threats of another rainstorm. Sallas showed flair throughout the competition and took a commanding lead in the finals after scoring an 8.5 for multiple 360 maneuvers. He followed up with a second ride score of 9.87 – the highest score of the day. Runner up Ahina fought hard with two high scoring rides (7.60 and 8.40), while DeSoto and Meyers could only find waves with mid-range scores.

“Every time I was paddling back out I’d see one of the other competitors getting a good one,” Sallas said after the win. “It felt more like an expression session than a heat … we all had our fair share of waves, it was super fun.”

The wahine enjoyed consistent waves in the 1-3 foot range for their final on Monday. A competitive field of athletes from Hawaii and USA went wave for wave in the Quarters and Semi Finals, with local favorite and past Waikiki Wahine Longboard champion Geodee Clark going down in her Semi Final heat.

Ewa Beach local Stacia Ahina finessed the inside section of Queens in the Final, nabbing the better sets and longer rides that propelled her to first place.

“It feels good to qualify for China but it hasn’t really sunk in yet,” said Stacia Ahina. “It’s going to be great to get to see my brother surf and try to win the world championship. I’m excited to go to China and just experience it all.”   …. FULL RESULTS FOLLOW BELOW…

Surfers are from Hawaii unless otherwise noted.

Wahine Final:
1st Stacia Ahina, HAW – $750 and 1000 ratings points
2nd Honolua Blomfield, HAW – $350 and 750 ratings points
3rd Sierra Lerback USA – $110 and 560 ratings points
4th Ashley Ahina, HAW – $90 and 525 ratings points

Semi Final – 1st & 2nd to Final Heat, 3rd = 5th, 4th = 7th
H1: Ashley Ahina, Sierra Lerback, Mason Schremmer, Geodee Clark
H2: Honolua Blomfield, Stacia Ahina, Lola Schremmer (USA), Candice Appleby (USA)

Quarter Finals – 1st & 2nd to Semi Finals, 3rd = 9th, 4th = 13th,
H1: Mason Schremmer (USA), Geodee Clark, Sophia Barlow (USA)
H2: Ashley Ahina, Sierra Lerback (USA), Dominique Miller, Tabatha Knudson (USA)
H3: Stacia Ahina, Candice Appleby (USA), Kelis Kaleopaa, Tehani Hinkley
H4: Lola Schremmer, Honolua Blomfield, Jazmine Dean (USA)

Kane Final
1st – Kai Sallas (Honolulu), $750 and 1000 ratings points
2nd – Nelson Ahina III (Kaneohe), $350 and 750 ratings points
3rd – Duane DeSoto (Honolulu), $110 and 560 ratings points
4th – Maui Zack Meyers (Honolulu), $90 and 525 ratings points

Semi Finals (3rd = 5th, 4th = 7th)
S1: Kai Sallas, Maui Zack Meyers, Keegan Edwards, Geoff Wong
S2: Duane DeSoto, Nelson Ahina III, Makamae DeSoto, Ned Snow

Quarter Finals (3rd = 9th, 4th = 13th)
H1: Kai Sallas, Geoff Wong, Wesley Moore, Adam Lefebvre
H2: Keegan Edwards, Zack Maui Meyers, Kaniela Stewart, Andre Derizans
H3: Ned Snow, Makamai DeSoto, Dino Miranda, Nick Alexander
H4: Nelson Ahina III, Duane DeSoto, Fritz Belmoro, Edrick Baldwin

Round of 24 (1st, 2nd to Round of 16, 3rd = 17th, 4th = 21s).
H1: Geoff Wong, Andre Derizans, Kekoa Enriquez, Manny Lopez (USA)
H2: Kaniela Stewart, Wesley Moore, David Carvalho, John Kepoo
H3: Makamae DeSoto, Edrick Baldwin, Landen McLaughle, Auggie Costantino
H4: Fritz Belmoro, Dino Miranda, Henry McNamara (USA), Lance Hookano

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