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Front Page: TC Surf Owner since day one: Craig Sugihara sharing the stoke. All images: HEFF


This angle is ageless…and always will be.

Keiki went head-over-heels in the sun and surf…literally.

In case you missed it…

The T&C Surf Grom Contest presented by Chili’s Grill & Bar took place June 1 & 2 under the beautiful sunny skies of Waikiki. Clean conditions and perfect one to three-foot waves set the stage for the family-friendly event that has been running at the iconic surf break of Queens for 22 consecutive years. The tents of families and the event sponsors lined the beach beneath the Duke Kahanamoku Statue, a place considered the birthplace of modern surfing. The location is fitting since it is a first taste of competitive surfing for most kids, and the mellow approachable wave at Queens and Baby Queens is perfect for the Keiki.

The contest is also unique because it limits the field to only surfers who have yet to compete in sanctioned events like HSA and NSSA, offering kids a taste of competitive surfing without all the pressure that other junior surf events bring.

Plenty ripping going on at the event…Photo: Heff

The event kicked off Saturday morning at Queens main break with overhead waves, sunny skies and light trades. Surfers from three to twelve years of age from across the island chain competed in boys and girls divisions of shortboard, longboard, and bodyboard. At Baby Queens, children age eight and younger enjoyed the ever popular Kokua division, which allows the kids assistance in getting into the waves from friends and family. The competition wasn’t limited to the water. On the beach, kids battled for extra prizes with an array of games from limbo to who can get the sandiest. There were also a ton of items donated by sponsors that were being won all day long by lucky draw as well as a beach cleanup organized by the Vertra Sunscreen crew that gave away goodies to kids that picked up trash and recyclables around the event.

On Sunday, competition resumed at Queens in clean one to two-foot surf as kids duked it out for one of six spots in the finals. The FreeSurf Magazine Expression Session, where tandem teams of parents with their keiki on board took to the waves to see which squad could snag the best waves. The two specialty heats featured the likes of T&C founder Craig Sugihara along with his granddaughter, as well as T&C Vice President Ryan Sugihara and pro and former pro surfers like Billy Kemper,

Sharing the ride! Billy all smiles…Image Heff

Joel Centeio, Sean Moody, Dino Miranda, and Board Stories TV host Chris Latronic and Keiki. In the end, the top spot was awarded to father and son team, Dino and Kaniela Miranda. Lunch was provided both days by longtime presenting sponsor, Chili’s Grill and Bar and games were hosted by radio personalities “Krystilez” of FM 102.7 DaBomb and “Bruddah Brian” of FM 93.1 Da Paina.

Sunday’s competition concluded with finals in all twelve divisions. Every finalist walked away stoked with a goodie bag full of great prizes from event contributing sponsors Dakine, Vans, RVCA, Vertra, and so many more. A portion of the event proceeds goes to benefit our non-profit partner The Boys and Girls Club of Hawai’i.

At the end of the fun-filled weekend, the biggest rewards are the kid’s smiling faces from the pure joy of sharing waves and the relationships that are built around the ocean that last a lifetime. Some parents have been coming for years and some for the first time.

Former professional surfer Sean Moody exclaims, “This was my son’s first surf event, and it could not have been a better one. Amazing family vibe at the beach that started it all for surfing. Waikiki is a special place with the incredible young talent coming. And it’s great to see one of the biggest surf brands in Hawai’i give back to the people that have supported them over the years.”

Cutting back into the juice…all rail…all fun….Image: Heff

Grom mom, Sunshine Topping has been attending the T&C Grom Contest for quite some time. She adds, “This year was our 12th consecutive year. We absolutely love this contest, it has become a tradition in our family. It is special because we made some of our best friends at this contest, and Waikiki means a lot to us because our ancestors grew up surfing these beaches. We usually make a fun weekend out of it, even when the kids aren’t surfing in a heat, they are surfing with friends at Babies or Canoes or participating in the fun games.”

T&C founder Craig Sugihara also remarks, “My favorite part is watching the Kokua division with all the little kids being pushed into waves at Baby Queens, some for the first time. That gives them the most joy and the parents love it. The kids and parents have so much fun at this contest, they always want to come back again each year.”

Results in all divisions are as follows:


  1. Ruby Stringfellow
  2. Kylie Oshiro Kaneshiro
  3. Lucia Veith
  4. Emma Colandrea
  5. Maya Wong
  6. Remi Neider


  1. Gemma Gause
  2. Addison Murphy
  3. Elliana Schiffner
  4. Kona Flanagan
  5. Noelo Wong
  6. Peyton Prouty


  1. Kiana Mertz
  2. Haven Ingbino Francisco
  3. Malia Deodato
  4. Beni Iinuma
  5. Kaylee Mara
  6. Aina Chiba


  1. Cash Hoover
  2. Chloe Colandrea
  3. Taylor Kini
  4. Kula Blomfield
  5. Lala McMahon
  6. Olive Cody


  1. Hanako Dougherty
  2. Sheadyn Friel
  3. Tiana Lagestee
  4. Sarai Dodson
  5. Piper Linke
  6. Najahine Fukumitsu


  1. Merrick Mochkatel
  2. Kodin Wau
  3. Tama Pere
  4. Kaua Cabral
  5. Wesley Beavers
  6. Kiran Satterlee King


  1. Olan Kokoro Johnson
  2. Kielan Jardini
  3. Inti Rey Guiteirrez
  4. Mikala Tejada
  5. Toa Pere
  6. Nikoa Fernandez


  1. Waimea Star Aliku
  2. Kilian Rosskopf
  3. Kai Fernandez
  4. Nolan Senn
  5. Ale Yasui
  6. Zander Satterlen King


  1. Aleipoipono Tomas
  2. Moses Kaleopaa
  3. Makani Enoka-Miramontes
  4. Manu Ferguson
  5. Mars Shuman
  6. Jerry Iwankiw


  1. Ezra Clark
  2. Beau Spradlin
  3. Jeremiah Chun-Riveria
  4. Kelii Kauhane
  5. Braden Kauhane
  6. Jeremiah Dale


  1. Joaquin Hancock
  2. Isreal Kuamo’o
  3. Lawakua Inso
  4. Titan Kane
  5. Caydian Respicio
  6. Zachariah Smith


  1. Caleb Powell
  2. Kainalu Shim
  3. Alyssa Awana
  4. Heaven Palakiko
  5. Audriana Leedy Maldonado
  6. Makaialii Carrol


  1. Dino and KanielaMiranda
  2. Christopher and Luke Latronic
  3. Tristian & Koa Leedy

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