What is the theme for World Ocean Day 2022?

From rising pollution, acidification of ocean water, rising average temperatures, to a reduction in ocean biodiversity.

Through spreading awareness, World Ocean Day hopes to protect the Earth’s major water bodies.

The theme for World Ocean Day 2022 is “Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean”

World Oceans Day was first declared on 8 June, 1992, at the Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro.

The forum was a parallel event at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), which gave non-governmental organization’s a chance to speak up on environmental issues.


Celebrating World Oceans Day JUNE 8 2022 with Love Beauty and Planet & Love Home and Planet

World Oceans Day is a global celebration held annually on June 8th, with hundreds of events around the world celebrating our ocean. This World Oceans Day, we are proud to co-host 27 beach cleanups with Love Beauty and Planet & Love Home and Planet across the U.S. to remove thousands of pounds of trash and plastic from our coastline and engage thousands of volunteers, with hopes of inspiring positive personal habit changes that support a healthy ocean.

Volunteers at all cleanups will receive tokens of thanks from Love Beauty and Planet & Love Home and Planet, including the opportunity to win free beauty, home and personal care products courtesy of Love Beauty and Planet & Love Home and Planet through these #smallactsoflove for our planet.

As with all Surfrider beach cleanups, this is a free event and is open to the public.

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