Surf n Sea 728×90 generic 2/1/22-

Going Wacko in Wako…

Snapt 4 pool party out at Waco Texas! These are clips that aren’t making the cut for SNAPT 4.

Filming: Rory Pringle, Michael Townsend, Dave The Goblin Schauber and Jason BeachHead Crane.

Surfers: Mason Ho, Sheldon Paishon, Clay Marzo, Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, Parker Coffin, Ian Crane, Eithan Osborne, Benji Brand, Logan Dulien, The Sherpa & Ravi Das.

Yeah Mason made the front page move…gotta be the most radical ever

Frame Grab: Yes, that’s his leg…Mason is just practicing his splits and airs simultaneously.

All surfing info in end credit roll.

Jams: Freddie King & Nickatina.

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