Going South… Back in time…

Damage Frito | Alex & Ellis

For Californian surfers, Mexico is always a blip on the radar, providing an easy escape from many the overcrowded lineup.

In “Damage Frito”, RVCA Advocates Alex Knost & Ellis Ericson pack up the van and head south of the border to find a mixed bag of right pointbreaks, some playful, many exciting.

From gliding across slow, Malibu-esque walls to threading through fast, hollow sections, the unique lines drawn by both surfers is very pleasing to the eyes.

As they trade waves and swap boards, our only thought is that we wish we were there.

Photos by Delon Bone, video by Jimmy Jazz James, song by White Fence.

Damage Frito | Alex & Ellis from RVCA on Vimeo.

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