Get Out There & Learn

“I want to learn more about the people making an impact on ocean health. If you know of a friend, person, or group that you think should be recognized, post a photo or video, with a little story about what they are doing, and tag#getoutthereandlearn They can be focused on marine debris clean up, making art from recycled beach plastics, or even just picking up trash on the beach. Excited to see what you guys come up with!! I will choose my favorites and send a gift pack ( Hurley, Stance, Nixon, DaKine, Vertra, Yeti, Pyzel, Future Fins) to both the person that posted, and the person or group that is recognized”. JJF


To Fix a problem you need to go back to the Source? The problem with our Oceans is the Balance is gone…The Balance needs to be restored ASAP if possible. Here is a great start ! Not only Rescuing Sharks but also standing Up for Dolphins and Ultimately all Marine Life ! Learn more about the people making an impact on ocean health.#getoutthereandlearn

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