FCS-to-Futures Fins device hits the surf market

Fins are expensive. So, WildCard fin adapter makes twin tab fins compatible with single tab fin system.

Surf News Network, 20 April, 2017.

The California company launched a fin adapter allowing the use of FCS II fins in Futures Fins box systems.

The idea being consumers will be able to purchase boards with Futures-type fin boxes but still use any FCS-type fin, not having to buy new fins.

“We noticed a problem with the plethora of fins and the incompatible fin systems in our quiver,” said Julian at Wasabisurf. “We’ve created a two-tab to one-tab fin adapter constructed with ultra lightweight carbon fiber that allows FCS-type fins to be compatible with Futures-type fin boxes.”

The adapters are fabricated with a carbon finer composite construction. Each device has unique geometry cants that tilt at 4-to-5 degrees. Center adapters are designed shallower (1/2″ base depth) to fit typical rear (or center) Futures compatible fin boxes.

According to the company website the 3-step process for converting FCS II to a Futures system is as follows:
1.    Insert FCS type fin into its corresponding WildCard Fin Adapter (Left, Right and Center/Rear).
2.    Secure FCS type fin to the WildCard Fin Adapter using the provided stainless-steel set screws.
3.    Insert the adapter and fin assembly into the corresponding Futures type fin box (Left, Right and Center/Rear) and then secure the assembly with the fin-box set screw.

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