Eli Hanneman – “Muse” Part 2

Whip fast, radical and precise…Maui Boy has WCT in his future if he wants it.

Frame grabs shows the result of ‘squaring up’ and ‘releasing’ at KS Wave Pool…SNN

Part 2 of a series featuring professional surfer Eli Hanneman titled “Muse”.

Shot on location in California & Surf Ranch.

Surfing By: Eli Hanneman @elihanneman

Produced By: Shaun Ward co/ @thefamilie

Edit By: Marc Chambers @mauimarcc

Filmed By: March Chambers

Sponsors: Hurley, Red Bull, Oakley, Lost Surf Boards, FCS Surf, Vertra

Music: www.beatstars.com/beastinsidebeats



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