Congrats & Happy 10 Year Anniversary to FlHI Girls TV!

Longtime SNN Team Report Banzai Betty Depolito’s support for Women’s Surfing in Hawaii is legendary, and this weekend she reaches a new milestone: One Decade!

The show airs Tomorrow Saturday, June 16th at 9:30 pm on Spectrum 12.

The every charismatic Kory Harvey hosts the show… standing in the same place she started 10 years ago!
Mahalo for the community’s incredible support and Thank You Surfer Joe Green and all the Surf n Sea Ohana who have been there from the start.
Betty owns and operates Banzai Productions, the vehicle by which Women surfers get their voices and lifestyles seen and heard!
Here’s to the next decade of Women’s Ocean Action with FlHI Girls!
Again, Thanks Banzai for all your hard work all these years.
Aloha, The SNN Ohana

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