China unveils its first self-developed wave pool

Does this remind you of anything?

This new video reveals a giant man-made ‘Kelly-like’ wave lagoon producing lefts and rights in Anyang, a landlocked city located in the Henan province.

They’ve got five million people & Anyang is 370 miles  from the Yellow Sea. Talk about the financial potential and crowd.

Clearly, the technology is super similar to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch and Wavegarden, using a central freight train that runs across the middle of the pool, creating two twin waves.

Rumor is… $4 million.

China’s involvement in professional surfing has been increasing the past decade or so…

There’s already events sanctioned by the WSL held in Chinese territory, and the number of participants is growing fast.

With 1.4 Billion people, one can only imagine…Yikes.

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