Finalists from L to R – Gaskell (3rd), Garcia (2nd), Centeio (1st) and Jaquias (4th). Image Courtesy: WSL/Heff


Location:    Ala Moana Bowls, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dates & Rating Sunday May 24
WSL Men’s QS1,000
HONOLULU  (Sunday, May 24, 2015): Joel Centeio (Haleiwa, HI) has won the Local Motion Surf Into Summer Pro at Ala Moana Bowls – a WSL QS1,000 rated event. Centeio matched the perfection of excellent 5-foot barreling waves with record high scores throughout today’s rounds. Runner-up was Sunny Garcia (Haleiwa, HI); third was Hank Gaskell (Hana, Maui) and fourth was Kaimana Jaquias (Lihue, Kauai), each earning vital regional ratings points for their results.

Ala Moana Bowls is an iconic South Shore surf spot on Oahu, made famous through the decades by solid pulsing south swell like today’s.

Centeio, 32, was a clear standout en-route to the final, surfing four rounds and posting the highest combined two wave heat scores for the Quarters (17.05), Semi’s (16.6) and Final (13.25).

“This is by far the best Bowls I’ve ever surfed,” said Centeio. “The waves were insane the whole time. The first day was perfect, 3 to 4 foot Middles, then today the North wind came and it was just the right size to where the guys could really lay into good turns and get some good barrels. So it’s up there man, and I’m stoked I won.

“My board felt really great. Erik (Arakawa) has been shaping me good boards for a really long time and it felt like I could push really hard and do big turns. Every once in a while I could hear a score and I heard 8’s or 9’s and man, when you’re hearing that it gives you the confidence to keep going. So stoked to take this home.”

In excellent shape at 45, Garcia surfed a total of five times today and looked at it as an extension of his preparation for next Saturday’s half marathon triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, that he will compete in.

The Final was a gathering of friends. Jaquias was the relative rookie in the lineup, although very familiar with Garcia who was his dad’s pro touring buddy in their prime.

“We all did the full gentleman rule, everybody took turns,” says Garcia. “We were having fun just cheering everybody on. Joel was ripping all day. To me he was the standout.

“This is one of the better events I’ve seen in a long time, the waves were pumping all day. Huge thank you to WSL for putting on this event for the Hawaii guys. It’s huge for us. We have the winter Volcom event, the HIC at Sunset and then the Triple Crown, so to have an event during the summer is huge.”

Equal 5th today with semi final losses were Kai Barger of Maui and Evan Valiere of Kauai. Equal 7th after the semi finals were Makai McNamara and Luke Shepardson, both of Haleiwa.

Surfers shown in order of 1st thru 4th. Surfers from Hawaii unless otherwise noted.
1st – Joel Centeio (Haleiwa, Oahu) – 13.25points (9.0; 4.25) – $2,300, 1000 ratings points.
2nd – Sunny Garcia (Haleiwa, Oahu) – 12.9 (6.9; 6.0) – $1,200, 750 ratings points.
3rd – Hank Gaskell – (Hana, Maui) – 11.5 (7.4; 4.5) – $800, 560 ratings points.
4th – Kaimana Jaquias – (Lihue, Kauai) – 6.15 (4.9; 1.25) – $600, 525 ratings points.

SEMI-FINALS – 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd=5th place, 4th=7th place
S1: Joel Centeio; Kaimana Jaquias; Kai Barger; Makai McNamara
S2: Sunny Garcia, Hank Gaskell, Evan Valiere, Luke Shepardson

QUARTER FINALS – 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd=9th place, 4th=13th place
H1: Makai McNamara; Kaimana Jaquias; Seth Moniz; Sheldon Paishon
H2: Joel Centeio; Kai Barger; Robson Santos (BRA); Shun Murakami (JPN)
H3: Hank Gaskell; Sunny Garcia; Kekoa Cazimero; Gavin Sutherland
H4: Luke Shepardson; Evan Valiere; Kalani David; Kevin Sullivan

ROUND OF 32 – 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd=17th place, 4th=25th place.
H1: Makai McNamara; Shun Murakami (JPN); Joshua Moniz; Kahea Hart
H2: Sheldon Paishon; Robson Santos (BRA); Kiron Jabour; Keoni Yan
H3: Joel Centeio; Seth Moniz; Nick Mita; Kai Mana Henry
H4: Kai Barger; Kaimana Jaquias; Mikey Bruneau; Mason Ho
H5: Sunny Garcia; Kalani David; Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa; Keijiro Nishi (JPN)
H6: Hank Gaskell; Evan Valiere; Taylor Clark (USA); Ezekiel Lau
H7: Luke Shepardson; Gavin Sutherland; Sean Moody; Elijah Gates
H8: Kevin Sullivan; Kekoa Cazimero; Kain Daly; Kaulana Apo

ROUND of 64 – 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd=33rd place, 4th=49th place.
H1: Joshua Moniz; Sheldon Paishon; Cody Canzoneri (USA); Kylen Yamakawa
H2: Shun Murakami (JPN); Keoni Yan; Schuyler Allen; Takayuki Wakita
H3: Robson Santos (BRA); Makai McNamara; Reo Inaba (JPN), Flynn Novak
H4: Kiron Jabour; Kahea Hart; Isaiah Moniz; Kekoa Bacalso
H5: Kai Mana Henry; Kaimana Jaquias; Kaishu Tanaka (JPN); Gregg Nakamura
H6: Joel Centeio; Mikey Bruneau; Kaito Kino; Kamalei Alexander
H7: Kai Barger; Seth Moniz; Eala Stewart; Kelson Lau
H8: Mason Ho; Nick Mita; Derek Wong; Christopher Bluthardt
H9: Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa; Ezekiel Lau; Eli Olson; Myles Padaca
H10: Sunny Garcia; Hank Gaskell; EJ Mitsui; Teppei Tajima (JPN)
H11: Evan Valiere; Kalani David; Jonah Morgan; Dylan Kowalski (USA)
H12: Taylor Clark (USA); Keijiro Nishi (JPN); Tereva David (PYF); Jake Halstead (USA)
H13: Gavin Sutherland; Kekoa Cazimero; Hiroto Ohhara (JPN); Ulualoha Napeahi
H14: Elijah Gates; Kevin Sullivan; Jason Shibata; Kaito Ohashi (JPN)
H15: Kain Daly; Sean Moody; Billy Kemper; Olamana Eleogram
H16: Kaulana Apo; Luke Shepardson; Granger Larsen; Mitchell Salazar (MEX)

Results follow below…

For more information:
Lauren Rolland (808) 651-8248
ROUND OF 112 – 1st and 2nd advance, 3rd=97th place, 4th=105th place (all surfers from Hawaii unless noted). Surfers shown in order of 1st thru 4th


H1: Sheldon Paishon; Finn McGill; Alex King; Kaisho Kato (JPN)

H2: Levi Gonzales; Flynn Novak; Keoni Nozaki; James Fazio (USA)

H3:  Kai Mana Henry; Micah Moniz; Macy Mullen; Cassidy Kuakini

H4: Rainos Hayes; Nick Mita; Edrick Baldwin; Keoni Picollo

H5: Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa; Cody Young; Davin Torres-Jaime; Jason Magallanes

H6: Keijiro Nishi (JPN); Lance Gruver (USA); Brandon Kuakini; Logan Bediamol

H7: Barak Maor; Gavin Sutherland; Shinpei Horiguchi (JPN); Wyatt McHale

H8: Sean Moody; Ha’a Aikau; Kainoa Haas; Alex Pendleton (USA)


ROUND OF 96 – 1st and 2nd advance. 3rd=65th place, 4th=81st place


H1: Sheldon Paishon; Allen Schuyler; Kai Awada (JPN); Myles Laine-Toner (USA)

H2: Takayuki Wakita; Cody Canzoneri (USA); Finn McGill; Jud Lau

H3: Robson Santos (BRA); Kahea Hart; T.J. Barron; Levi Gonzales

H4: Kekoa Bacalso; Flynn Novak; Laka Burgess, Joao Marco Maffini

H5: Kai Mana Henry; Kamalei Alexander; Cole Yamakawa; Love Hodel

H6: Mikey Bruneau; Gregg Nakamura; Noa Mizuno; Micah Moniz

H7: Eala Stewart; Derek Wong; Daiki Tanaka (JPN); Rainos Hayes

H8: Nick Mita; Kelson Lau; Chandler Norton (USA); Mike O’Shaughnessy (USA)

H9: Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa; Teppei Tajima (JPN); Barron Mamiya; Taichi Wakita (JPN)

H10: EJ Mitsui; Myles Padaca; Cody Young; Frank Chenault (USA)

H11: Jonah Morgan; Keijiro Nishi (JPN); Ezra Sitt; Liam McTigue

H12: Tereva, David (PYF); Dylan Kowalski (USA); Lance Gruver (USA); Alex Utal

H13: Ulualoha Napeahi; Elijah Gates; Derek Ho; Barak Maor

H14: Jason Shibata; Gavin Sutherland; Shayden Pacarro; Nic Hdez (USA)

H15: Sean Moody; Mitchell Salazar (MEX); Dege O’Connell; Chris Foster

H16: Kaulana Apo; Kain Daly; Ha’a Aikau; Nolan Rapoza (USA)


ROUND OF 64 – 1st and 2nd advance. 3rd=33rd place, 4th=49th place


H1: Joshua Moniz; Sheldon Paishon; Cody Canzoneri; Kylen Yamakawa

H2: Shun Murakami (JPN); Keoni Yan; Schuyler Allen; Takayuki Wakita

H3: Robson Santos (BRA); Makai McNamara; Reo Inaba (JPN); Flynn Novak

H4: Kiron Jabour; Kahea Hart; Isaiah Moniz; Kekoa Bacalso

H5: Kai Mana Henry; Kaimana Jaquias; Kaishu Tanaka (JPN); Gregg Nakamura

Heats 6&7 results unavailable at time of issue.


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