SURF N SEA BLOW OUT 728 11.16-1.31.22

BIGGEST SKELETON BAY in 5 YEARS! | Part 1 Namibia 2019

Frame Grab shows how “It’s Eating Itself”…and no, you don’t want this…SNN

— Season 2: Episode 2 —

After recovering from an MCL injury, a swell popped up for Skeleton Bay, and it was my only chance to go for all of 2019.

My friend Rob Brown and I dropped everything we were doing, and booked a last minute flight to Africa, only to be greeted with what would end up being the biggest Skeleton Bay swell in 5yrs.

On one of the craziest days of surfing I’ve ever gotten to be a part of, both Rob and I score waves of our lives, a few times.

It was a day I’ll never forget. The GoPro footage does no justice to the size of the waves…

I’m stoked to have a couple land angles to reveal the height of some, but still nothing shows the size of some of those waves in the evening.

Day 2 brought the longest barrel of my life at 24sec! Rob Brown gets one just as long too! BUT… We’ll save that for Part 2. 😉

The BIG Stuff comes at 30min (toward end) SNN  “It’s Eating Itself”

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