Being ready(er)for the next real swell…(like the one this weekend Friday-Monday)

Wanna catch more waves? Out-hustle a hustler?

Watch this vid for a start at “the basics”…then start paddling…

“Paddle Your Surfboard Faster & Longer | The Correct Technique & Practice Exercises

How to surf and how to paddle.

You can’t do one without the other because proper paddling technique enables you to move throughout the line up in order to optimize your position for catching waves.

Can’t paddle? Don’t expect to catch many waves.

If you watch any professional surfer in real life, one of the first things you’ll notice is how quickly and efficiently they paddle through the water. This technique is a fundamental tool which allows them to catch more waves and, eventually, become better surfers.

In today’s video I go through some really helpful analogies and practice exercises you can use to help your paddling. It’s something that’s come up a lot lately when I’ve been coaching people – their ability to paddle is not up to scratch and hinders them from improving at a reasonable rate.

Remember, the majority of a session is negotiating the ocean BETWEEN waves, not actually catching them, so our ability in this area is SO IMPORTANT”!

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