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Bali Cruzin’ with Mason Ho and friends….

Here are The Lost Files from our Indonesian adventure.

Mason Ho & Sheldon Paishon roam around Bali on an ATV trying to find little waves on a down day.

Then they head off to Lombok again to try chase down that elusive 20 second barrel.

Ending back up in Bali for a couple waves at Keramas with Dusty Payne.

Surfers: Mason Ho, Sheldon Paishon & Dusty Payne.

Filming: Rory Pringle & Mason Ho (GoPro)

Location: Indonesia.

Jams: Hendrix. Mom Collection.

All surfboard info plus ding report in end credit roll.

Instagrams: Mason Ho (@cocom4debarrelkilla) Rory Pringle (@riordanpringle) Sheldon Paishon (@sheldoggydoor)

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