Little Dorian is a lot like his legendary Dad

“The best things my Dad’s taught me is to be kind & humble…and that’s how you make friends”


“Jackson Dorian is a super rad kid that rips on just about anything and never seems to wear shoes…

The son of surfing icon, Shane Dorian, he was pretty much born on a surfboard and has enough froth contained in his 11-year-old body to power a small country. That energy is contagious too. Go surfing with him and you’ll instantly know what we mean – every session is the best session ever. Every wave is a chance to let loose.

Here’s the first of our series of Billabong Bloodlines profiles, as we follow Jackson in his element, complete with airs, carves, fin glides and the best piece of advice his dad ever gave him. It’s probably not what you think…”

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