Mega Life in Mega Cloudbreak

With 13-15′ open ocean swell at 16-18sec, we knew this one would at some point, in some set, match June 2012. Though not quite as big overall, nor as long, organized and perfect as that ‘session of the century’, there were historic moments. Caught by mySURFtv.

We’ll go ahead with the claim that Ramon Navarro’s tow-in was basically about the throatiest, heaviest, biggest beast ever ridden at this Reef many claim as the ‘worlds best wave’. It was approaching ‘that next level’ of the unridden historic rogue wave that Mark Healey had to dive through back in 2012. See below. Hats Off Mr. Navarrow. SNN.

Frame grab of Stoke: Ramon Navarro

History Making XXL Session at Cloudbreak
An all-time cast of World Champs, big wave riders and free-surfers take on some of the biggest waves ever surfed at Cloudbreak today.

Though Ramon’s wave was insane…this one’s still unmatched and may never be outdone…unless someone’s on it. (go to 3:59min).SNN

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