Surf comes to the 2017 Point Panic Experience!


Dear friends, bodysurfers, handboarders, sponsors, supporters and ocean enthusiasts,

 We are happy to inform you that the 2017 Point Panic Experience will be held next week FRIDAY & SATURDAY SEPT. 1st & 2nd with the following heats to be held on each day:
DAY 1 (Fri. Sept 1st)
All Bodysurfing (except keiki 19 & under)
Womens bodysurfing & Womens handboarding
DAY 2 (Sat, Sept. 2nd)
Open Handboarding
Keiki (19 & under) bodysurfing & handboarding
Bodysurfing Grand Championship
Kanekoa rifles through Panic’s Perfection
Due to estimated participant numbers, we tentatively plan on using a 4-person priority system for the 20-34, 35-49, 50+ bodysurfing age divisions, the open handboard division and the grand championship bodysurfing heat.  We also tentatively plan on using a longer (time-wise) 6-person heat format for all womens and keiki (19&under) divisions.  Therefore, based on the number of early entries received from June till today, we only have these remaining open spots left:
DAY 1 (Fri, Sept.1st) 19 heats total
Bodysurfing 20-34: 6
Bodysurfing 35-49: 0
Bodysurfing 50+: 2
Bodysurfing Women: 5
Handboarding Women: 6
DAY 2 (Sat, Sept. 2nd) 22 heats total
Handboarding Open: 10
Bodysurfing Keiki (19&under): 4
Handboarding Keiki (19&under): 7
Grand Championship Heat
Due to anticipated surf, wind and tide conditions, all information provided is tentative and subject to change. Order of heats on specific days provided above are estimated and also subject to change depending on surf, wind and tide conditions.
All remaining EARLY entries must be submitted either by mail postmarked by MONDAY, AUGUST 28th OR in person (cash only) at Hawaiian South Shore 320 Ward Ave. by WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30th.
All entries received after these respective dates will be considered late (beach) entries if open spots are available.


Feel free to tell your Facebook, Instagram and twitter friends, your neighbor, your aunt, uncle, sister, brother, mother, father, dog and/or cat that we can’t wait any longer for a bigger and better swell so we’re calling it ON next week so get ready folks, dust off your fins and we will see you at POINT PANIC NEXT WEEK FRI & SAT, SEPT 1 & 2!!!

Kanekoa K.C. Crabbe
Event Director
2017 Point Panic Experience
My apologies for the multiple emails.  Please let me know if you received this two times or more.  And by the way, the surf next week Friday & Saturday is forecasted to be 2-3 possibly up to 4 ft (4-6 ft faces, occ. 8 ft) meaning waist to head high possibly overhead…

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