Immerse yourself into mind blowing oblivion…

Notice how we’ve seen angles look tilted. The surface line does angle down toward the trough as the ocean gets sucked below sea level by the behemoth.

“Don’t Do It! Don’t Gooooo!” The Channel

“I don’t know…that one was @#$% Stupid…” Mick Fanning

“It was almost as if they wanted to kill themselves…It was controlled suicide…” Martin Potter

“That was nuts” Bruce Iron on Nathan Fletcher’s legendary ride


This edit is an excerpt from our surf movie entitled IMMERSION the movie.

It has been awarded best movie at the Maui Film festival ‘BEST MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN” Barry Rivers [ Maui Film Festival director].

Code Red, was to date one of the biggest recorded swell in history.

One surfer, Nathan Fletcher caught the biggest wave that day.

An amazing ride in the darkness of Teahupo’o tube. Will he come out safe and sound?

This ride made all people on boats wondering, wondering, eyes fixed on the bold surfer…until the wave caught up with all on boats and created chaos!

Teahupoo is the most dangerous wave in the world. Many gets hurt.

A show of unbelievable wipeouts from daredevils.

Published on Apr 19, 2017

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