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Darby downgraded to a tropical depression. Click the Ticker. Winds 35-45mph. Moving away at 10 mph about 45 miles NW of Ni’ihau.

Flash Flood Watches for O’ahu and Kauai. Dirty, Chocolate Brown Water Run off on the North shore and other shores. Surf way down.
Darby monday1

Darby distances Monday 5am

400 miles WNW of Hilo
345 miles WNW of Kailua-Kona
400 miles NW of South Point
315 miles WNW of Hana
285 miles WNW of Kahului
245 miles WNW of Kaunakakai
260 miles WNW of Lanai City
185 miles WNW of Honolulu
55 miles WNW of Barking Sands
85 miles WNW of Lihue
45 miles NW of Niihau

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