Thanks to Surfer Joe Teipel for taking me -at the request of his beautiful Wife, Miho- to the special preview at the new Quiksilver Roxy Store in Waikiki Thursday the 16th.

I promise you this documentary is a Do Not Miss.

I floated out of there with awe and gratitude of our lifeguards…and for surfers who push the limits.

See Big Wave Guardians! Aloha and Mahalo, Gary ‘GQ’ Kewley

Hawaii’s North Shore is the world’s most dangerous 7-mile stretch of beach. Massive swells, life-and-death rescues, and “the best job in the world” – yet often most hazardous one – is the compelling drama of Hawaii’s #BigWaveGuardians.

As surfers push the limits and crowds increase, a small group of heroes have reinvented water safety on a parallel track to the rising dangers.

Addicting thrills VS inherent peril – they are caught up in both.

Surfing’s elite hell-men risk their lives to save their friends while challenging a realm beyond.

Don’t miss the premiere of the feature-length documentary “Big Wave Guardians: First Responders of the Sea,” at the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu, Hawaii on Tuesday, June 21.

“Big Wave Guardians” tells the incredibly dramatic stories of Hawaii’s big wave guardians – the lifeguards who risk their lives in the world’s most dangerous waves.

this 90-minute movie traces the history of lifeguarding in Hawaii from Duke Kahanamoku and the Waikiki Beach Boys in the 1920s to Eddie Aikau on Oahu’s North Shore in the 1970s, to Brian Kealana and Terry Ahue pioneering the use of personal watercraft (jet skis) with the Hawaiian lifeguards in the 1990s, to the death of big-wave surfer Sion Milosky and the formation of the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group in the 2011.

Big Wave Guardians is mixed with the history of lifeguards is the growth of surfing  in the early days of Waikiki to the big-wave discoveries on Oahu’s North Shore.

Throughout the show there’s an amazing cast of some of the world’s best watermen and women: 11-time world champion Kelly Slater, big-wave chargers Mark HealyGreg Long and Keala KennellyHawaii’s most notable lifeguards including Clyde AikauTerry AhueMark CunninghamDave Wassel, and Johnny Angel. They discuss the risks of surfing these life-threatening waves and the role of our lifeguards esp on the NS. Don’t miss witnessing the true life-saving stories from top surfers who wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for these selfless big wave guardians.


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