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Hawai’i is a place that is inextricably linked to and woven into surf culture.

Historically, culturally, and within the sport itself, “surf” and “Hawai’i” are nearly synonymous terms, and there is an overwhelming sense of familiarity between the surf industry and the famed island chain…however, that familiarity tends to only scratch the surface of what surfing in Hawai’i is really all about—and all of the tradition, meaning, and stories that come with that.

First things first, we knew we’d need the right guide—someone whose personal connection to the islands would work as the key to help open broader conversations, and spark further curiosity and understanding of the complex experience that is surf in Hawai’i.

We knew Mahina Florence was the one for the job.

Coming from a legendary family of watermen and women, Mahina’s knowledge and personal experience as a surfer and daughter of Hawai’i make her the perfect host to take us on this journey to learn a little bit more about one of surfing’s most iconic locations and some of the women behind it.

We’ll start on the West Side with water woman Ha’a Keaulana (front page) and professional surfer Alessa Holloway (formerly Quizon).

After that we’ll make a stop at the famed beaches of the North Shore to meet up with Billabong WCT surfer Luana Silva and end at Waikīkī to learn more about surf school with Tammy Moniz.

With identity closely linked to tradition, these women’s experiences and stories serve as powerful portrayals of the meaning that surfing can bring to one’s life, and how their relationship to surfing in Hawai’i specifically, has played big role in understanding who they are.



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