17 year old Nick Ricca captures Kaimana Henry

“Aloha SNN, My name is Nick Ricca, I’m 17 from Maui. I shoot photos and film, and just finished a new edit of Kaimana Henry. We worked on it during the Volcom pipe pro, and I’d be stoked if you guys could check it out!  Thanks! Nick” Well, here you go! (note: some may be offended by the lyrics in the music bed).

I stayed over at the Volcom house for a week this February shooting the Volcom Pipe Pro. In between the contest days I was able to follow Kaimana around and film some free surfing, this is a bit of it in 2 minutes. Enjoy

Filmed/Edited by Nick Ricca

MUSIC – Lord Pretty Flacko Joyde – A$AP Rocky


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