Surf n Sea 728×90 generic 2/1/22-


“20 min later it was dark….that was one of -if not- thee most violent beatings I’ve ever had in my entire life”. Ian Walsh

When a fall on a historically GIANT day at Mavericks feels like being struck by lightning!

This wave may have given me the most electric beating I have ever had.

The initial impact from the wave on this fall is the closest thing to what I imagine it feels like getting struck by lightning.

An extremely VIOLENT surge of energy!

Edit: Noah Andrews @stoke.films

Filmed By: Alarcon Cinema @alarcon_cinema, Pedro Balla, Powerlines Production’s Eric Nelson & Curt Myers @powerlinesproductions, Tucker Wooding @woodingmedia, Jimmy Wilson @jimmicane, Fred Pompermayer @fred_pompermayer

Photography By: Marco Arellano @aguatography, Ryan Craig @chachfiles

Thank you to all the locals for sharing your lineup with us and a massive thank you to the entire water safety crew at Mavericks! Thank you!

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