Surf n Sea 728×90 generic 2/1/22-

Paddle like the G.O.A.T.

Top 3 Ways to Paddle Like World Champion Kelly Slater – Surfing Paddling Technique Revealed

With new underwater footage and more detailed explanations.

Learn to Surf – Surfing Paddling Technique – How to Catch More Waves with Less Effort:

Learn to surf step number 1: Paddling correctly. How do you catch a wave? Paddle first. Surfing Paddling Technique expert explains how to paddle with less effort, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury from occurring due to paddling with poor technique.

Also includes how surfers can make good paddling technique automatic and unconscious, so that they can go out and surf, have fun, and not have to think about how they are paddling.

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