For Mason it’s all about Fun and Flying

Recently, Mason Ho surfed his favorite childhood spot Val’s Reef.

Located on the inside of Sunset Beach, it’s a tricky wave to ride with weird dead spots, a random shallow reef shelf and backwash.

Plus a raw bonus session at Waimea Bay on Memorial Day.

He is riding a …Lost surfboards RAD RIPPER on material called the “Light Speed Performance Epoxy”.

Does the frame grab above remind you of his uncle Michael Ho?

Indeed, Mason has a gift for shallow, wonky waves and making it look safer and easier than it is. Watch as he rekindles his passion at one of the spots he learned to surf.

A new type of Epoxy.

Filming: Rory Pringle

Surfers: Mason Ho, Coco Ho & Mark McMorris.

Jams: Jimi Hendrix. Mom collection.

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