In 1993 Derek Ho became Hawaii’s 1st World Champ…

And nearly 30 years later he’s still charging Pipe…in his mid 50’s!

Recently a big swell hit the North Shore of Oahu. Possibly the last solid swell for Hawaii this season (or so we thought…the biggest NNW on record -for mid-May- peaks Saturday, May 16. SNN)

Pipeline had some BOMBS roll through and the boys were ready to ride.

Luckily we are still able to surf and exercise here in Hawaii.

Filming: Rory Pringle, Landon Hayashi, Tomo McPherson, Michael Veltman, Dylan Howes & Mark Takamura.

Surfers: Derek Ho with the crazy drop! Mason Ho, Landon McNamara, Shayden Pacarro, Koa Smith, Jake Maki, Makana Pang, Josh Moniz, Kalani Chapman, John John Florence, Mikey Bruneau, Sheldon Paishon, Torrey Meister, Benji Brand, Mikey Redd, Nathan Florence, Seth Moniz, Noah Beschen, Keoni CheeseBurger Nozaki, Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Jamie O’Brien & Luke Swanson.

Location: Banzai Pipeline/Backdoor.

Jams: Mom Collection

All surfboard info in end credit roll.

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