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Natxo Gonzalez is back to surf last year’s crazy right with some of his closest friends. It might sound corny, but it is true: sharing is caring.

When Natxo first found this wave he was by himself and even though he charges the biggest waves on the planet (now also on the WSL Big Wave World Tour), it’s altogether different when you have to surf hollow 8 foot sand spitting barrels exploding in ankle deep water a couple feet from shore hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest hospital.
Says Natxo: “When I was here for the first time with my good friend and filmer Jon Aspuru, I was really scared at times. The wave breaks in really shallow water, we were all alone. After catching a couple of waves, I stopped surfing. Not because I was tired or the waves stopped, it was simply too dangerous. There was no one around, it is a long drive to the nearest town and an even longer one to the nearest hospital.
So I decided to take some of my best friends on the next big swell and it was completely different. Not only was the angle of the swell a little easier, to have your best friends around makes you feel safer and charge harder. And as they say: sharing is caring. It’s just the best thing in the world if you can share perfect waves with your best friends.”

A DREAM TO SHARE from Jon Aspuru on Vimeo.

Follow Natxo on his next discoveries and on the WSL Big Wave World Tour:

Aritz Aranburu / @aritz_aranburu
Adrian Fernandez / @adrofernandez
Aletxu Gironi / @aletxugironi

Filmed and edited by Jon Aspuru / @jonbakio

GYOM – Bring it on

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