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Going Back to Big Cloud Break 2011

It was called the biggest Cloudbreak of the decade in 2011 … maybe not anymore…since the 27th May 2018 swell event…

Cover Frame Grab of Kohl Christensen absolutely locked in and charging…
This excerpt is from our surf film Immersion the movie release in 2012 – Awarded best surf movie of the year

Filmed over a period of 7 years, it showcases surfing in all it’s different forms, across some of the world’s best and most beautiful surfing hotspots, immersing you into one of the world’s great sports.
IMMERSION the movie looks at every genre of surfing. It’s not all big waves and boards! The film covers all aspects of the sport – from body surfing and body boarding, surf ski, longboarding and even the new stand up paddle boarding – through interviews with its athletes, cameramen, and film editors to give you a personal insight into What Is Surfing?
IMMERSION features some of surfing’s greatest talents and personalities and takes you to some of the world’s most isolated, notorious and picturesque surfing locations. Immersion will take you to Teahupo’o, Fiji, Hawaii, and Australia to witness some of the best sessions of surfing documented to date. Described by many as the “best surf movie ever”, IMMERSION is an intense sight and sound experience, a “must see” for surfing enthusiasts of all tastes, generations, and walks of life!
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