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CSO (Chief Surfing Officer) of SNN (Surf News Network). Reporting surf for over 3 decades for the Aloha State.

LST: 2 more Big NW-NNW and even North swells on the way. First one builds Tuesday peaking Wednesday. Trade swell eases with weakening Trades. South shores go 2′ or less this week.

BIG PICTURE  Tuesday 1/24/17 NPAC The Jet is again, gorgeous, long, low and consolidated off Japan and ends up nosing to our 160west longitude with winds over 200mph. Thus, plenty BIG surf in the forecast as this large upper air current helps created Lows and steer them. This has been the set up for nearly 2 weeks. A strong High to our ENE has kept trades ramped, too. #1 recently, we’ve been on the decline from a 15-18’ NW which hit peaked last Thursday 1/19 …Read More »

Redbull nails one of the top sessions in January

Surf News Network, 23 January, 2017 -Guys were having to pay dues, big time. But they scored, big time.  Some of the local crew like Michael Ho, John John plus a host of international chargers were on it. “In short, “This Is Live” is our stab at dropping you, the viewer, right in the mix at some of the most heated sporting locales around the planet. For surfing, there are few arenas better for this than Pipeline. Toss in a swell that’s maxing sets out on …Read More »

It could save your life or at least get you into Bigger surf.

I can tell you after taking this course, Ricardo is passionate and superb. He’s in his element. You’ll be surprised how much there is to learn…and how long you can hold your breadth. And with all the BIG swell we’ve had and coming now’s a good time. Good luck! Aloha, Gary ‘GQ’ Kewley SNN. Aloha Surfers, It’s so nice to have al these swells going on at the moment. Things are looking really good now!   I just want to let you know that I …Read More »

It’s going to be fun but grip your shorts, hold onto your beach hats, towels and boards….oh and trash. Ty!

Saturday, January 21st, 2017 8:30am-10:30 a.m. Sandy Beach/Wawamalu Beach Park Join us at Sandy Beach/Wawamalu Beach Park on Saturday, January 21st from 8:30am-10:30 a.m. and help remove trash and other debris from the surrounding beach and park areas. Check-in will start at 8:00 a.m. at the Wawamalu Beach Park (dirt parking lot area). Trash bags, gloves and other supplies will be provided. Please bring water & sun protection. Free cookies compliments of Hard Rock Cafe! Need more information, contact the Waikiki Aquarium Volunteer Office at …Read More »

Featured shot: Brian Bielmann

One of Hawaii’s best ever captures one of Hawaii’s best ever on a Happy Aloha Friday ….BB was on it from the beach. Ty Brian. SNN. @john_john_florence  “Sometimes you just Gotta make a choice whether to shoot from the water or from the beach,this was an easy one I was sick as a dog with a cold , I was jealous I could not be in the water but I heard it was pretty hard to line up and some of the photographers took some …Read More »


Sunset Pro Junior winner Barron Mamiya (HAW) commits to the lip. Image:WSL/Freesurf/Heff Location:    Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu                                                   Rating: Men + Women’s JQS1,000   Event Window:    January 18 – 28 Today’s Conditions: 4-6+ ft. waves, WNW swell, clean offshore easterly winds HALEIWA, Oahu/Hawaii (Friday, January 20, 2017) — North Shore standouts Barron Mamiya (HAW) and Zoe McDougall (HAW) conquered a highly talented …Read More »

Sunset Pro Junior is ON for Friday the 20th. Surfs 4-6′ from the NW at 15 sec with great shape for shredding. Start 8am. Boys heats 1-8. Finals for both Boys & Girls this afternoon.

Aloha! The Men and Women’s Sunset Pro Junior has been called on for the second day of competition at Sunset Beach. A 4-6′ WNW swell is on hand with very clean offshore easterly winds. “The large scale swell we had for the Sunset Open yesterday has dropped off overnight,” said Marty Thomas, Event Director. “We have 4-6 foot [Hawaiian scale] waves on hand at Sunset Beach today with very clean offshore winds grooming the lineup. These are ideal conditions for the Juniors. It should be …Read More »

Mick Fanning’s Irish Heritage & Crossroads

For the past two decades, Mick Fanning has collected homes all over the world – returning to the same places, the same towns, the same waves, each year on the World Tour. Making friends. Becoming family. But one place has always held a special place for Mick, and it’s a place that the World Tour didn’t take him to. Ireland. Ireland is where Mick’s family is from. A tiny, modest town in the north is where his dad was raised. And it’s where he feels …Read More »


FAMED OCEAN ATHLETE KAI LENNY MAKES QS DEBUT AT SUNSET OPEN   Maui’s Kai Lenny navigates a critical drop on a Sunset bomb. Image: WSL / Freesurf / Heff Location:    Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu                                                   Rating: Mens QS1,000 and Men + Women’s JQS1,000   Event Window:    January 18 – 28 Today’s Conditions: 20+ ft. waves, WNW swell, clean offshore easterly winds HALEIWA, …Read More »

DAY 1 IS ON for Thursday. The Sunset Open to kick off in 10-12’+ NW for Hawaii’s WSL QS and JQS season

Good morning! Surf’s firing for the Sunset Pro Open QS with clean offshore WNW-NW (310) mackers. It’ll fade slowly thru the day to 10′ my around noon. SNN. When competition begins, Heat 1 of Round 1 will begin at 8am HST which will feature Kauai’s Reef McIntosh, young gun Barron Mamiya from the North Shore and Maui teen Ocean Macedo. The field consists of 112 competitors, with 92 surfers — 82% — hailing from Hawaii. The event will also run in conjunction with the Sunset …Read More »

Maui’s Kain Daly stomps BIG sessions

Take Shelter Prod captures local talent Kain Daly. He and the younger generation on Maui have a tough act to follow. With a deep list of talent in front of them its not easy to stand out. Kain is set to do so by mixing fundamentally sound surfing with lofty airs. Although he looks about thirty this twenty one year old has a bright future bridging the gap to the new wave of super groms. Music: Dead Man’s Bones // Lose Your Soul Filmed and …Read More »

The North Shore Lifeguard Association No Ka ‘Oi

We’re very proud to support Hawaii’s North Shore Lifeguard Association in their goal of promoting ocean safety awareness & their junior lifeguard program. Here’s we get to share some time with the amazing individuals who making up the NSLA. Learn what it means to be a North Shore lifeguard and the role it plays in the community on the North Shore in this latest from the RVCAloha Vid Series. Video: Etienne Aurelius Credit: RVCAloha Tags: RVCA Brand Channel North Shore

Results & Kongrats Koa Rothman taking down Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Its a unique and low-key contest, just the way they want it, but its participants are not low key, they’re heavy. The rashguard-free, invite-only event once again had an respectful roster of local tube masters. The 2017 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout had more than its usual dose of drama too – with Kalani Chapman, who almost drowned – and some outrageous waves for shortboard and stand-up paddleboarding; It was four days of incredible surfing. The elevator drops, flawless deep barrels at Backdoor and Pipe proper. In the …Read More »

Day 3 of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout ….

….morning highlights at Banzai Pipeline in memory of Duke Kahanamoku legendary Hawaiian waterman, olympic gold medallist and father of modern surfing. skystudiohawaii

A Surfing Life – Part 3: Big Pipe Christmas Day

Some of the biggest sets to roll through Christmas day at Pipeline 12/25/16. Starring Kelly Slater and a few friends.

The event is PAU…no day 4…too small. Highlights: Day 2, Day 3 Score…

Perfect Pipe again…

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kalani Chapman who nearly died late Friday. He was revived thanks to the fast work of spotting him unconscious by Seth Moniz,  assistance with Nathan Florence and of course, the man, Terry Ahue. Heavy reminder. Godspeed in a full fast recovery~SNN. Day 2 Highlights coming. DAY 2 LIVE REPEAT

3:09 minutes of madness

Kerby Brown’s Hideous Wipeouts At The Right 3:09 Kerby Brown loves surfing The Right so much, a perforated eardrum from one wave wasn’t enough to stop him getting a couple more in this session, one of which buckled him and his knee.

Braddah Mel’s Watermans Championships this weekend at Makaha

Get Ready to Rumble and Tumble. Waves are going to be cranking from the WNW especially Saturday morning in the 8-10+ range glassy. Seabreezes to kick in mid morning to afternoon with plenty fun in the sun. SNN. For Mels Event on FB GO HERE


Photo: WSL Co-owner of the World Surf League Paul Speaker recently announced his resignation from the CEO position after five years. The news came meshed with positive notes from Paul  published on the WSL’s website. To read the full press release, click here. Dirk Ziff will serve as interim CEO until a decision is reached on who will take his place. Speaker’s resignation implies no intention of removing any sort of financial backing“…continue to be co-owner of the League and will work with the ownership group and …Read More »


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