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About Us

SNN is the voice of surf in Hawaii.

SNN is blessed to born in the birth place of surfing. Home to the Father of Modern Day Surfing: Duke Kahanamoku, and of course, the most Iconic surf breaks and beaches on Planet Earth.

SNN is the World longest consecutive running surf reporting business starting 40 years ago in 1976. The same year the Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic, Rell Sunn Menehune Champs and the ASP World Tour kicked off.

The SNN Team is loyal & passionate about surfing and preserving the Ocean and its waves.

We’re a hardcore Tribe a hungry wave warriors who love sharing the life style with locals and visitors.

Like the waves surrounding us here on the most geographically populated landmass on earth, SNN hopes to grow & roll on forever.

We are proud to be and hope to continue earning the number #1 spot in the lineup for surf information, staying stoked in Islands.

Mahalo for surfing with us!

The SNN Team

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