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Official Trailer: Grateful Dead presents Fire On The Mountain By Chris Benchetler

For the first time ever action sports and the Grateful Dead are merged together in a film of eclectic style: Fire On The Mountain.

Improvisation is the silver thread that weaves this film together. Just as the Grateful Dead did not fit their music into an established category, this short film finds a cast of some of the world’s best athletes on an improvisational journey, complete with a soundtrack comprised of only Grateful Dead music.

Narrated by Bill Walton
Music Supervision by David Lemieux
Music by the Grateful Dead
Directed by Chris Benchetler and Tyler Hamlet

“Grateful Dead and action sports have always been kindred spirits, both celebrating life and the beauty of experimental improvisation,” says Rhino President Mark Pinkus (oversees Grateful Dead Properties). “After years of hearing many action sports athletes cite the Dead as their soundtrack of choice, it’s exhilarating to see these worlds come to life together on screen in Fire On The Mountain. Add in Bill Walton’s iconic voice on commentary and you have a one-of-a-kind experience, not unlike going to a Grateful Dead live show.”

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