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~ La Niña ~ a MAUI MEDIA CARTEL film

Official trailer

~La Niña~ Full edit is live on

“Take a look through our lenses. These Pe’ahi stories are the way we see it.”

We climb in, climb out, filmed, photographed and edited everything in this because we love doing this. It calls us back year after year to film these days together and share them with the world.

Oh, the soundtrack? We worked all night on the edit while DJ Batwing recorded these jams the same night – and around 2am he sent this to us. A late night collaboration thousands of miles apart is what made this whole thing work. Welcome to the Cartel @DJBatwing.

Thanks to our friends and athletes who dedicate their lives to this spot when it’s on. Dec 2 was a great day to be on Maui! Thank you safety teams for bringing everyone home alive this swell. Again. Mahalo Maui for another great day on our island. It is a blessing to live here.

Filmed, Edit, Produced: Maui Media Cartel / Carlo Carbajal + Adam Carbajal

Music: Batwing @DJBatwing / Donny Campion

All Rights Reserved © 2020 Maui Media Cartel

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