[{"titulo":"645am OBS Friday Feb. 22nd","sub_titulo":"Clear, cool, crisp morning with calm to light ENE winds filling 5-10 mph with seabreezes later. No Advs.","short_intro":"Dropping small NNE + trace SW. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon, 3 & 5 recap-forecast.","north":"Down & Dropping 10sec NNE\/NNW. Surf is smooth glass at 1-2.5' for top spots (Laniakea etc.). Seabreeze mush it out toward midday-afternoon pending land heating under clear skies. ","west":"Down & Dropping tiny NW and mix of occ 1' SW. Makaha is smooth glass but weak at mostly 0-1' under clear skies. ","town":"Holding a tiny 13sec SW. Surf is glassy to lite offshore at 0-1.5' Keiki sets from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Kaisers. Threes-Pops-Queens-Public's 0-1.5' under clear skies. ","diamond_head":"Down & dropping tiny SW. Surf is really smooth lite offshore at 0-1 occ weak 2' but lacking energy and consistency under plenty clear skies. ","sundys":"Down & holding East wrap. Surf is 1-2' mostly and maybe a 2.5' set with super clean light trades from Full Pt-Half and Pipelittles... Middle Peaks into Chambers under clear skies. ","makapuu":"Down & Dropping 10sec nice ENE swell at a clean 2-3' maybe a + with decent lines and breaking just outside and funneling into the bay; super lite trades filling and clear cool skies early with Seasbreezes and convective clouds later. "}]