[{"titulo":"Midday Update OBS 6\/17","sub_titulo":"Muggy, hot. Clear skies have clouded up from convection and a SE flow to the Winds. ","short_intro":"SNN BIG PICTURE: Monday 6\/17. Dropping small SSW & NW and holding typical East trade wind swell. Call 808-596-SURF: 7a, noon, 3 & 5 recap-forecast.
\r\n","north":"Down and Dropping small 10sec NW. Surf is still smooth at 1-2' mostly with a few 2.5' or chest highs for focusing reefs w fair shape with small, playful sections. Sunset Pt. and Vals 1-2 occ 2.5', Pipe-OTW 1-2' , Chuns 1-2' Laniakea 1-2' and Haleiwa 1- barely 2' under scattered clouds. ","west":"Down & Dropping small NW + SSW. Makaha is bumpy lite onshore at 1-2.5' all under partly clear skies.","town":"Down and dropping the 12sec SSW. Surf is slightly bumpy sideonshore SE winds and 2-3' sets from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Kaisers; Canoes-Queens are a pinch smaller 1-2 occ 3' under partly clear skies.","diamond_head":"Down and dropping the 12sec SSW. Surf is bumpy onshore 1-2-3' under partly clear skies.","sundys":"Down & dropping SSW. Surf is solid 2-3' combo peaks. Steep freefall drops into hollow, closeout shorepound down towards Middle Peaks- Gas Chambers. Full Pt showing weaker energy; broken clouds. ","makapuu":"Holding the small 8sec East wind swell. Makapu'u a semi-smooth 1-2' maybe 2.5' (off & on- here & there) throughout the Bay today with a tiny short interval sections breaking both sides under broken clouds. "}]