[{"titulo":"645a OBS: 7am Tuesday powered by HIC SURF'S BLOW OUT SALE","sub_titulo":"Cloudy, High Surf Warning in advance of tonights LARGE NNE swell. High Surf Adv for NE shores today. Small Craft Adv due to NE Trades 10-25mph","short_intro":"BIG PICTURE LINK: 11\/20 Monday afternoon. Wednesday: Moderate to high NNE, tiny SSW and moderate windswell. Call 596-SURF 7a, 12p, 3p, 5pm","north":"Down & dropping 11 sec NNE swell. Light Side-shore NE Trades filling in. Still disorganized direction and a bit bumpy. Clockwise from Haleiwa: chunky 3-5'; Laniakea 4-6+'; Chuns 3-5'; Pipe-Backdoor-OTW 3-5'; Rocky Pt 4-6+'; Sunset 5-7' sweepers. Mostly cloudy. ","west":"Down & dropping NNE swell. Makaha is 2-3' maybe slightly higher with light-moderate offshores NE trades & cloudy with blue parts.","town":"Down\/dropping tiny SSW. Surf is mostly 0-1.5' maybe occ 2' or waist high sets.. But weak. Moderate NE winds and offshores so far from Kewalos to Courts, Ala Moana to Kaisers. Threes-Pops-Queens mostly 0-1 to almost 2' and slivers of blue overhead.","diamond_head":"Down\/dropping small 10sec SSW. Surf is 0-1 barely occ 2' with offshore NE trades; fairly cloudy. ","sundys":"Down\/Holding NNE wrap. Surf's good with light to moderate NE offshores for the 2-3' sets out at Full Pt. to Pipe littles. Much less in the shorebreak to Middle Peaks to Gas Chambers under cloudy skies. ","makapuu":"Down\/Holding NNE at 2-4 maybe occ +' with lines slamming inside, focusing Keiki side. Better later under broken clouds."}]