[{"titulo":"645am Update Obs Sunday Aug 25th","sub_titulo":"Scattered clouds for Leeward and broken clouds with isolated showers for Windward\/ Mauka. Early light-moderate ENE trades filling to fresh pace. Small Craft Advisory for Maui and Big Island channel waters.","short_intro":"SNN BIG PICTURE UPDATE: Wednesday 8\/21. Easing mix of SSW+SSE, holding tiny ENE and slowly easing tiny NE...Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon, 3 & 5 (recap-forecast).
\r\n","north":"Down and holding the 8 sec NE trade wind wrap & remnant NW. Surf is 1-2' and fairly clean with peaky, short interval energy. Sunset Pt to Rocky Pt. 1-2', Chuns flat-1.5', Laniakea 1-2' barely occ. +', Haleiwa flat-1' maybe a plus size wave under scattered skies. ","west":"Down and dropping the tiny SSW+NW. Makaha is flat to 1' with smooth offshore but extremely slow. Top sets breaking just beyond the reef with focusing magnets seeing slightly larger sets up to 2' under passing clouds.","town":"Down and dropping small SSW + SSE combo. Surf is fairly clean 1-2' maybe an occ.+ with fair shape. Small SSW reinforcement arriving late morning. Fair-good overall with light-moderate side-offshore from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Kaisers; Canoes-Queens for Duke are mostly 1-2' under scattered clouds.","diamond_head":"Down and dropping mix of small SSW & SSE. Surfs slightly bumpy 1-2 occ 2.5' with early moderate side-off. Fair conditions with sectiony, whitewater sections rolling through the lineup under partly cloudy skies. See SNN CAM.","sundys":"Down and dropping the small SSW and trade wind swell combo. Surf is 1-2+'. Peaky, inconsistent sets for outside breaks with most activity taking place on the inside sandbars. Small playful closeout ramp sections under partly cloudy skies. ","makapuu":"Holding small 8 sec ENE trade wind swell. Makapu'u remains small with bumpy moderate onshores at 1-2' breaking inside with scattered clouds. "}]