[{"titulo":"645am OBS Wednesday Nov 14th ","sub_titulo":"Cloudy semi rainy morning with calm light E to SE winds veering variable to onshore seabreezes toward noon. High Surf Advisories for NW shores. ","short_intro":"SNN BIG PICTURE Monday 11\/12\/18 + latest El Nino Update! Up on Moderate-high NNW + tiny ENE trade swell + a tiny SW. Call 596-SURF: 7a, 12, 3 & 5p recap-forecast.","north":"Way up & Holding 14sec NNW. Surf is Double-Triple overhead with good lite offshores. Sunset Beach about 5-8' with poor to fair shape. Pipe-OTW zone 3-6'; Laniakea 5-7' ooc.+, Ali'i Beach 3-5' under clouds, haze, and rain (Hawaiian Pro Top 96 8am). ","west":"Way up & Holding 14sec NNW + trace of tiny SW. Makaha is 2-4 with some 5' sets with good form and smooth with clam to lite offshores early (nut onshore seabreezes late morning) under cloudy skies. ","town":"Holding 14sec SW. Surf is solid waist high or 2' but with long waits. Water's smooth but mushy seabreezes toward noon from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Kaisers, Threes-Pops-Queens-Publics 0-2' or mostly thigh-waist high sets under cloudy skies. ","diamond_head":"Holding a small SW. Surf is semi-smooth but overall weak at 0-1 occ 2' with light side shores under cloudy skies. ","sundys":"Up & Holding the North wrap + a tiny Trade + SW mix. Surf is semi-smooth at 1-3' from Full Pt. with some slammers in the shorebreak under clouds. ","makapuu":"Up and Holding N wrap + the tiny 8sec East trade swell. Makapu'u is 2-3' occ higher & smooth overall from the Middle to Keiki's...solid 3' but closing out under broken clouds. "}]