[{"titulo":"645am Obs Friday Jan 24th ","sub_titulo":"Crisp and clear again. Super light Trades with light midday-afternoon seabreezes mixing and mushing out most spots. ","short_intro":"Moderate WNW. Small ENE Wind swell and tiny trace of SW\/WNW. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon & 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Way down and dropping 15 sec WNW. Sunset to Pipe are 4-6' with higher sets off and on. Chun's-Laniakea-Ali'i 3-5' occ plus; gorgeous dawn with plenty sunshine on the way. ","west":"Way down and dropping 15 sec WNW. Makaha is 3-4' with chance of higher sets; super clean early but on-shores late AM under clear skies. ","town":"Down and dropping tiny SW, isolated traces of WNW. Kewalos to Courts and Bowls to Kaisers all super clean at 0-1.5' maybe barely occ 2' under clear skies.","diamond_head":"Down and dropping small SW and tiny isolated WNW wrap up to 2'; smooth water and lite winds under clear skies.
\r\n","sundys":"Holding tiny 8sec ENE Trade wind swell. Sandy's is smooth 1-2' breaking Full Pt to Pipe Littles, and fun shorebreak under clear skies...","makapuu":"Holding tiny ENE trade swell and maybe some NW wrap later. Surf's super clean at 1-2' under clear skies.