[{"titulo":"645am OBS Sunday 2-18 Powered by Cholos Salsa Dance Party Sunday","sub_titulo":"Overcast and wet with scattered showers and occ. thunderstorms throughout the day. Light and variable out of the NE turning to seabreezes toward mid-day.","short_intro":"BIG PICTURE: Thursday Evening Update 2\/15. Small rising NW, tiny trace SW and background trade swell. Call 596-SURF 7a, 12, 3, 5pm recap-forecast.","north":"Up and rising 12 sec NW. Surf is 2-4' occ. 5' and fairly clean early. Fair shape with crumbly, onshore sections. Calm to light NE flow veering more onshore by mid-day. Sunset to Rocky Pt 2-3' occ. 4', Pipe-Backdoor 3-4' occ. 5' & Chuns 3-4' occ. 5'; Laniakea 3-4' occ.+, Ali'i 2-3'+ under overcast skies. Caution: lightning in the area. ","west":"Up & rising 12 sec NW. Surf is 1-2'+ with smooth offshore and slightly inconsistent. Nice shape and long lines early. Turning mushy this afternoon with side-onshore seabreezses. Some occasional + sets arriving late today. Buffalo Big Board Surf Classic-42 is ON: Pres. Day Wkend.","town":"Holding the Tiny SSW. Surf is 0-1-2' and clean with slow, inconsistent sets; fair shape but barely breaking for most spots from Ala Moana to Kaisers. Threes-Pops-Queens mostly 0-1 occ 2' sets under broken clouds. ","diamond_head":"Down and holding background SSW. Surf is 0-1' occ. 2' and glassed off early with weak, 1-2 wave sets. Long waits between top sets. Light and variable early shifting to seabreezes toward mid-day; under mostly cloudy skies. ","sundys":"Down and holding the tiny SSW. Surf is 1-2' and breaking mostly inside with tiny closeout shorebreak. Fair early with calm-light variables shifting toward seabreezes by mid-day; under dark clouds. ","makapuu":"Down and holding the 8 sec ENE wind swell. Surf is 1-2' with mostly short interval wind swell breaking on the inside sandbar. Quick drops into immediate closeout sections for top sets. Conditions turning slightly bumpy with mid-day seabreezes; under broken clouds. "}]