[{"titulo":"7am OBS Sunday September 26th.","sub_titulo":"Partly cloudy morning; sunny afternoon. Breezy ENE trades of 15-25mph. Small Craft Adv. for all Hawaiian waters due to winds.","short_intro":"North shores still on the way down on the NNW. Town holding small SSW; holding small trade swell. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon & 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Down & Dropping 12 sec NNW. Some bump already on it this morning w\/ moderate-strong Side-offshore trades. Sunset and Rocky's are 2-4'. Pipe\/Backdoor 1-2' (and wrong direction). Chuns 2-3'+; Laniakea poor 2-occ. 4' and Haleiwa 1-2+'. A few clouds.","west":"Down & Dropping 12 sec NW-NNW + Up & Holding 15 sec SSW. Makaha is clean with moderate offshores and surf's breaking at mostly 1-2' on a mixed plate. Mostly clear. ","town":"Up & Holding 15 SSW. Waikiki is clean w\/ moderate offshores. Surf is breaking at 1- 2' (but long waits between sets) for Queens, Canoes etc. Top reefs: Kaisers-Rockpiles to Ala Moana to Kewalos are clean w\/ 1-2 occ 2.5' under clear skies. ","diamond_head":"Up & Holding 15 sec SSW. Surf's bumpy\/choppy\/torn w\/ moderate-strong side-shore trades and residual trade swell, breaking 1-2' occ 3' on drops under mostly clear skies. ","sundys":"Up & Holding 15 sec SSW + some trade wrap. Semi-bumpy, particularly on the reefs, w\/ mod.\/storng sideshore trades. Full Pt-Half Pt 2-3'. Inconsistent on the SSW ground swell, but good when they come. Shore break's also 2-3' under partly cloudy skies. ","makapuu":"Holding 7 sec ENE trade swell + North wrap. Strong ENE trades making it choppy and semi-rough. Surf's mostly 1-2' occ.3', with still some sign of the north, breaking occ. outside on left by the rocks, but mostly in the Bay; Keiki corner is 1- occ. 2' under partly cloudy skies. "}]