[{"titulo":"625am OBS Tuesday 4\/20\/21","sub_titulo":"Calm, clear conditions early but possible showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Calm-Light ENE trades early; sea breezy later. No marine warnings.","short_intro":"Small fading NNW. Tiny inconsistent SW & filling E swell. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon & 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Dropping 9 sec NNW, Surf's clean and glassy with calm-light winds early. Sunset to Rocky Pt 1-2 occ +; Pipeline\/Backdoor 0-1.5 maybe a plus'; Chuns 0-1.5'; Laniakea 1-2 maybe a plus'; Haleiwa 1 occ 2'; Clear skies.","west":"Dropping 9 sec NNW + Dropping Slow 15 sec SW. Makaha is a mixed plate 0-1 occ 2' breaking inside the reef and glassy with super-lite offshores switching to sea breezes late AM. Clear skies.","town":"Dropping 15 sec SW. Surf's clean and glassy due to calm-lite offshores. Waikiki reefs are 0-1 very occ. 2'. Ala Moana, Kaisers-Rockpiles & Kewalos are 0-1 occ 2' sets every once in a while. Clear skies.","diamond_head":"Dropping 15 sec SW. Surfs small but glassy and fun at 1-2 occ + (Knee-Waist occ Chest). Mostly clear.","sundys":"Dropping 15 sec SW. Surf's tiny but excellent conditions w\/ calm-lite winds. Full Pt-Half Pt is 1-2'; Shorebreak's breaking right on the sand at 1 occ 2', focusing towards Cobbles\/Middles with plenty rocks. Clear skies.","makapuu":"Dropping 9 sec N wrap + Rising 7 sec E swell. Surf's clean with calm-light winds, 1 occ 2' breaking right on the shore with a couple of little barrels toward Keiki's. Mostly clear."}]