[{"titulo":"645am OBS Monday 8\/20 Pwrd by Dukes Oceanfest & Access Surf Adaptive Champs!","sub_titulo":"Mostly cloudy, fairly warm morning with ENE trades filling to moderate to fresh (10-25mph). Overcast with early isolated showers for Windward\/ Mauka. Hurricane Warning. Flash Flood & Tropical Storm Watch, Small craft Adv and High Surf Adv for Big Island in advance of Lane.","short_intro":"LANE the Hurricane + \"BIG PICTURE\" LINK UPDATED Tuesday 8am. New small NNW. Holding small ENE trade & micro south but BIG surf coming. Call 596-SURF: 7a, 12, 3 & 5p recap-forecast.","north":"Up & Rising 12 sec NNW. Sunset Pt. 1-2', Kammies 0-1.5' Rocky Pt. occ barely 2'; Pipe zone 0-1'; Laniakea 1.5', Chuns 1-2' & Ali'i Beach 0-1' under broken clouds.","west":"Up & Rising 12 sec NNW. Down & dropping South. Makaha is 0-1' and smooth breaking just behind the reef on the shallow shelf. Light trades filling under partly clear skies.","town":"Up & Rising slowly 15sec small South. Surf is mostly 0-2' and some slight am sickness, overall clean. Light-moderate trades filling with side-off ENE. Kewalos to Courts seeing sets 0-1-2'. Bowls to Kaisers 0-1-2'. Threes to Pops-Queens 0-1-2' under broken clouds.","diamond_head":"Up and Rising 15 sec South. Surf is 1-2' with fair but weak, crumbly whitewater sections under broken clouds.","sundys":"Up and Rising 15 sec South + mix of holding ENE trade swell wrap. Surf is 1-2' occ. larger sets hitting the inside sandbars. Surf is more lully at Full Pt. with more sets for the inside shorebreak into Gas Chambers under broken clouds. ","makapuu":"Up and Holding tiny 8 sec trade wind swell. Makapu'u is 1-2' maybe 3' with typical moderate onshore chop. Keiki side is slightly smaller 1-2' under all clouds."}]