[{"titulo":"655am OBS Wednesday 8\/12\/20","sub_titulo":"Easing trades with isolated showers over Windward\/Mauka. Small Surf overall. Beaches, beach parks, parking lots, etc. remain closed. However, all water activities are allowed.","short_intro":"Check Latest BIG Picture Outlook. Trade swell holding. Small SSW rising. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon & 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Micro 8sec NE trade wrap. Sunset Pt northward 0-1'; Rocky Pt 0-1'; Pipeline flat, Chun's Flat-1'; Laniakea weak 0-1.5' off\/on; Haleiwa flat-1'; clean conditions under scattered-broken clouds. ","west":"Slowly Rising 15 sec SSW. Makaha is clean offshore. May see slight seabreeze this afternoon Surf's 0-1.5' rare soft 2' breaking behind the reef under scattered clouds. ","town":"Slowly Rising 15 sec SSW. Kewalos to Courts: 1-occ 2' at top reefs, Bowls-Rockpiles (focusing) Kaisers same. Threes, Queens\/Canoes\/Walls\/Publics, etc. 1' occ 2'; Scattered clouds.","diamond_head":"Slowly Rising 15 sec SSW + Holding 9 sec SSE + 8 sec ENE wrap. Surf's 1-2' (shoulder high on drops only). Combo peaks, clean conditions early; Scattered clouds. ","sundys":"Slowly Rising 15 sec SSW + Holding 9 sec SSE + 8 sec ENE wrap. Full Pt to Pipe Littles is good with 1-2.5' focusing over the reefs. Shorebreak has barrels up to 2.5'. Semi-Clean early with trades filling in. Parking lot closures.","makapuu":"Holding solid 8 sec ENE trade swell. Surf's a consistent 1-2+' breaking outside left and middle. Keiki's is 2+'. Choppy with fresh trades filling. Parking lot closures."}]