[{"titulo":"9am OBS Good Friday 4-19","sub_titulo":"Moderate ENE Trades filling to Fresh 15-25 mph thru Tuesday. Broken clouds for -North-Windward-Mauka and scattered for Leeward. Small Craft Adv for channels near Maui and Big I. ","short_intro":"Rising small-moderate NW, holding tiny SSW & holding small-moderate ENE trade swell. 808-596-SURF: 7a, noon, 3 & 5 recap-forecast.
\r\n","north":"Up and rising on a small to moderate 13sec NW-NNW hitting solid 4' at focal reefs. Sunset is 3-4. Rocky's a bit smaller. Pipe not really hitting. OTW-Logs focusing better than Pipe'. Chuns 2-3 solid. Laniakea up to 3' and Haleiwa 1-2 occ 3' under overcast to broken clouds. ","west":"Up a little & rising slowly on a small mid-period NW-NNW + occ tiny SSW pulse. Makaha is clean offshore with 1-2 occ soft 3' (bigger later) under mostly clear skies. ","town":"Up and Rising background 14sec SSW with fair-good conditions and up to 2' or waist high every 30 minutes from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Kaisers and Queens under partly cloudy skies.","diamond_head":"Up and Rising 14sec SSW with bumpy sideshores, 1-2' maybe the occasional chest high (see our CAM) under scattered clouds.","sundys":"Holding ENE trade swell & occ pulses of SSW. Surf is bumpy sideshore and inconsistent on biggest sets of 2' with some 3' right in the shorebreak; mostly closeout slammers around Middle Peaks to Gas Chamber with Full+1\/2 Point weaker under scattered-broken clouds. ","makapuu":"Holding 8sec ENE trade swell. Makapu'u is choppy & disjointed & onshore with 2' & 3' sets just outside left to middle and with 2' max sets near Keiki side under broken clouds. "}]