[{"titulo":"630am OBS, Monday, Dec. 4th","sub_titulo":"A beautiful morning with few to scattered clouds. Light NE trades filling to moderate paces towards lunch. High Surf Advisory for North and West shores of Niihau-Maui. Small Craft Advisory for all waters.","short_intro":"BIG PICTURE UPDATED. Moderate NW. Small ENE trade swell. Tiny SW. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon, 3pm; plus, the 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Dropping Slowly 14 sec NW. Fairly clean early but becoming more textured later as trades tilt NE. Sunset 4-6'+; Rocky Pt 3-5'; Pipe 3-4'+; Chuns 3-5'+; Laniakea 3-5'+; Ali'i Beach Park 3-4'+. Scattered clouds.","west":"Dropping Slowly 14 sec NW + Holding 15 sec SW. Clean conditions early due to light offshore winds. Makaha is 2-3' occ. 4' mostly from the NW. Mostly clear skies.","town":"Holding 15 sec SW. Smooth and clean due to very light winds early. Waikiki reefs are 0-1 occ. 1.5'; Kaisers-Rockpiles to Ala Moana to Kewalos are 1-1.5' occ. near 2'. Mostly clear skies.","diamond_head":"Holding 15 sec SW. Fairly clean early due to a light breeze. Surf's 1-occ. 2' at take-off and inconsistent. A few clouds.","sundys":"Holding 15 sec SW + Rising ENE trade wind swell. Mostly clean due to light to moderate side-offshore winds. Full Pt\/Half Pt are 1-2'. Shorebreak is also 1-2'. Scattered clouds.","makapuu":"Rising 9 sec ENE trade wind swell + Minor North wrap. A little bumpy and getting bumpier through the day as trades ramp up. Surf's 1-2' occ. 3' and focused on the left side of the bay. Scattered clouds."}]