[{"titulo":"715am Obs Tuesday Nov 12th","sub_titulo":"Calm to Lite Trades early with Seabreezes for Leeward facing shores by lunch. Few clouds for Leeward; Scattered clouds for Windward\/Mauka. No Advisories.","short_intro":"SNN BIG PICTURE: Monday 11\/12\/19. Surf on the decline for all shores. Dropping NNW. Dropping South. Still small along the East side. Call 596-SURF: 7a, noon & 5p (recap-forecast).","north":"Dropping 12 sec NNW. Currently, smooth glassy water (lite seabreezes possible late AM). For now, Sunset Pt. mostly 2-3 occ 4'. Pipeline at mostly 2-3'. Chuns 2-3', Laniakea 2-3 occ 4', Haleiwa 2-3'. Declining throughout the day scattered clouds.","west":"Dropping NNW + Slowly Dropping South. Makaha still serving up a mix plate with glassy and clean 1-2 occ +' sets (Higher at focal reefs) but sea breezes mushing it out by late morning under few clouds.","town":"Dropping 13 sec South. Top Reefs are smooth glass to lite offshore at 1-2' occ 3'. Onshore seabreezes expected by late a.m. for Kewalos-Courts and Bowls to Kaisers; Canoes-Queens still a little smaller at mostly 1-2' for now under clear-few clouds.","diamond_head":"Gradually Dropping moderate 13 sec S. Smooth good shape at 1-2 occ 3' mostly. Seabreeze expected toward lunch under few clouds. ","sundys":"Gradually Dropping South with sets 1-2 occ 3' at Full Pt.-Half Pt. into shore break under scattered clouds. ","makapuu":"Still Holding the micro 8sec ENE and holding the Trace of the North wrap. Makapu'u is slightly bumpy at 1-2' for most the bay under scattered clouds."}]